Sunday, October 04, 2009

Earlier This Evening...

A trailer park sunset...

... and the Harvest Moon moonrise over a local landmark (heh).  I'm thinking I need a longer lens for these moonshots.  But... priorities.

All shots taken earlier this evening, 10-04-2009.  As ever... click for larger (if you've a mind to do so).


  1. Friday night the moon was beautiful, but we have had clouds and rain since then. Your photos are very nice - my moon shots are never so good.

  2. In my made up "Buck" voice; ...."I will call the last one, 'Moon over No tell Motel'"

    w/v "Gatify" Something done for pay at No Tell Motel.

  3. Lou: Our skies have been relatively clear for the last few... up until today. And thanks for the compliment!

    Darryl: You and SN1 are sorta on the same track. He tells me in an offline: "there's a joke in there, somewhere."

  4. What art nature conjures for us...
    Thanks for capturing and sharing with us!

  5. Those shots are perfect! I can't tell you how many times I have tried taking a picture of the moon and end up with something very ... un-artistic.

  6. Thanks, Crysti. It takes practice, and a good telephoto lens.


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