Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bitch, Moan, and Complain

I'm not handling the change of season well this year. Four out of the last five days have been miserable, weather wise... unseasonably cold in three instances and the wind makes things chilly today.  We've only had one Happy Hour during this period as a result and we won't be doing one today as it simply is NOT nice outside. It's gonna be a long damned winter unless I get my mind right... and quick.


  1. Gusts to 35 Knots? Manly!

    I would ignore the weather and just drink indoors.

    (Read that "Anthem" story, its only 37 pages. Another book I have been reading on line free is Grant's Memoirs published by Mark Twain)

  2. Ah... but the cigars are an essential part of Happy Hour, and I don't like to smoke indoors. It's not unknown, but it's rarely done. Thus my grouchy mood. :p

  3. Getting the mind right is key. It's an exercise that is very, very necessary every year in rainy old Seattle, otherwise the depression kicks in.

    Good luck getting some Happy Hour weather, and good on your Wings for coming back to win that one last night.

  4. Think, "Tundra."

    Then thank God that you're not there!

    Here's hoping that you get a perfect weekend for a delightful and lingering H.Hr. before daylight saving time kicks in. Or do y'all not go along with that foolishness? Wish we didn't (except in the fall when we get an extra hour of sleep)!

  5. Andy is dead on about getting the right mindset. Otherwise the Great Pacific NorthWET would become intolerable mighty quickly.

    And, like I've seen you tell others, this too shall pass. Keep your chin up!

  6. MissBirdlegs in AL28 October, 2009 17:20

    We're in a weird weather pattern, too. Last week I had on the heat in the house & car in the AM, a/c in both after work in the PM - EVERY. DANG. DAY. Then there's the cold rain... :-) Blinding sunshine this afternoon almost makes up for it.

  7. I would think 69.4ºF is just about perfect weather!!!!

  8. Cigar in the loo with that 12V fan going. Nobody will ever know. I've never done this on a winter night at the TTR.

    Get that mind right. Embrace the weather on the Llannos Estacados. (Bleh, here, too. Must go sweep decks and bring in more wood. Must stall for a few more outs to see Yankees lose at home.)

  9. I don't mind the 60+ weather, but the wind has been bothersome. We have has a cooler, wetter fall than usual.

  10. I feel your pain Buck. Living in New England, where the old saying is - if you don't like the weather, wait a minute - can be an exercise in forebearance.

    We had the wettest & coldest summer on record (what was that about glowbull warming???); it's rained every weekend for the past 4, with more on the way this coming weekend. Yesterday it was cold & it rained and blew so hard you couldn't see the front of your own car. Today? Bright sun, blue sky and about 68 degrees.

    Mindset is indeed everything. Acceptance is key.

  11. Andy (and BR): I hear ya about Seattle. I think "getting your mind right" is true in a lot of places as winter approaches (I'm thinking about Rochester, NY right now). I'll get there, it just takes a lil bit o' time.

    Moogie sez: Think, "tundra."

    Like this? I AM glad I'm not there! It's all relative, innit? And we do daylight savings time here...

    MissBL: I kinda sorta know where you're coming from... the heat/AC thing isn't unknown in Fall in these parts, but this year it's been both unseasonably cold and wet!

    Sharon: 69 degrees would have been perfect if it had been sunny and calm. It wasn't, though.

    Bob: I used to do that bathroom thing when I was still a ciggie-junkie, LOL!

    Lou: Us, too... re: cooler/wetter. It rained all night last night!

    Kris: Yeah: global warming, indeed! Our WX has been as strange as your, methinks. But, unlike you, we'll be sunny and back up in the mid-60s and low 70s this weekend... or so they say.

  12. Wonder what our winter holds in store. Can't believe we got snow before halloween this year. Brrr!!!

  13. You got SNOW, Jenny? We only had rain here... I saw a "mix" to the west on the radar last evening, but I didn't think it extended to you!

  14. Here, I'm just glad it's not 10 degrees colder. Else I'd have worn out the snowblower by now from all the rain we've had lately.

    90 percent of the corn and soybeans are still in the field around here.

  15. Got snow but it didn't stick to much. Heard Clovis had it stick to the grass but not the roads. Still, going to be cooooold tonight. Didn't get a chance to drain the camper so gotta keep the heater on out there.


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