Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taking the Gentle Reader's Advice

Said Gentle Reader would be Moogie... who sez in comments to my early morning post:
Put you feet (and typing fingers) up for a little respite. See ya next time! 
So:  I think I will.  Put my feet up.  Burn a cigar... or mayhap two... seeing as how we're fat in the humidor department once again, having received another shipment of fine stogies about an hour ago.  And the fridge is well-stocked, too.  In short:  We have all the ingredients required for a lazy man to pass a nice sunny summer afternoon here on The High Plains of New Mexico in a pleasant manner.

That said, I'd be remiss if I didn't at least mention today's media blitz, or the "we'll beat you to frickin' DEATH with this, whether you like it or don't."  I'm talking about the death of Senator Kennedy, of course.  The worst thing about all this usual, customary, and UNreasonable overkill is the fact Fox News Channel canceled last night's Red Eye in favor of running the same damned 30-second video clips and inane comments from "those that knew him best" over and over and over.  That hurt me.  I'm not kidding... because just who the Hell is up at 0300 hrs (EDT) in the morning except for us Red Eye junkies?  Answer:  No one.  And Red Eye junkies couldn't care LESS about Teddy.

But:  RIP, Teddy.  I couldn't possibly have disagreed more with your politics and found you supremely lacking in personal judgment (not to mention ethics) early in your career... but Mom always told me not to speak ill of the dead.  I'm only bending her rule here, not breaking it.  My condolences to the family and those others who loved him.


  1. Yes, sympathies to his family. To them he was a beloved father and uncle.

    To many of the rest of us - he got away with manslaughter and I find that reprehensible. I've read in many places today that he atoned for that sin in his career by championing the little people.

    Would that he had paid that much attention to Mary Jo Kopechne in 1969.

    How do you atone for that when you don't go to trial? When you aren't at least seen before a jury of your peers?

  2. I will not say that I was sad to hear the man was dead, because I'm not. He was a murderer and a philanderer.

    The only regret I have is that we will be forced to hear the MSM sing his praises for the next week or so.

  3. Kris and BR: See today's (Friday) first post. Maybe Friday's only post, but that's beside the point. :D


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