Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Say What?

My knee-jerk reaction to this e-mail I received from my Tri-Care provider a few minutes ago (click for larger) was a hearty "WTF?" And it kinda-sorta still IS. While I recognize there is a bona-fide need for mental health services... and I assume that's what the clunky euphemism "Tele-Behavorial Health Care" really means... I'm not at all convinced it can or should be done via video conference. Isn't it hard for a counselor to be empathetic on a computer screen? Or for someone in need to discuss their issues on a webcam, for that matter?

Technology ain't the answer to every issue that comes down the pike. Human interaction is both desirable and necessary in some cases, and this is one. Sometimes a simple touch of the hand and a silent, knowing nod says more... and is worth much more... than any number of words coming out of a speaker. I hope this idea has a quick and early death.


  1. How DARE you question the compassion and the emotive qualities of the internet?!?! Especially here and now, in the age of the Twitter-pated White House?

  2. Ah... it don't take much to be "edgy" these days and I thought I'd take the plunge, Andy. But this IS a bad idea.

  3. Welcome to the metamorphosis of Tricare. Now, get close to the monitor, stick out your tongue, and say, "oh, s**t."

  4. Of all the bad ideas out there, this is definitelyone of them. One has to wonder, at what point did some group of geniuses come to the conclusion "what a great idea!"??

    I don't see any good coming of this.

  5. Oh, man. 1984 has arrived. Again. I can see the big screen TVs connecting to Big Brother's smiling, still photo. And y'all spilling your guts out to it.
    Just sayin'.

  6. virgil xenophon19 August, 2009 23:58

    Just how the hell are the shrinks going to catch the body language off camera that often reveals so much? While thinking of a million down-sides, I guess the "upside" is that they can say they've filled multiple squares in one fell swoop. Nothing like the hi-tech fat-pencil to demonstrate mission accomplishment! Pencil-whipping works every time!

  7. If everyone had a blog, they could just spill their guts in public, get things off their chest, and feel good about life :) All on the computer - I do love technology.

  8. Moogie: Tri-Care has been pretty good to me, so far. I just hope they let me sign up for Tri-Care for Life in about six months, when I turn 65. I have my fingers crossed.

    BR: Agree completely. This smells like one of those "design by committee" things.

    Cat sez: I can see the big screen TVs connecting to Big Brother's smiling, still photo. And y'all spilling your guts out to it.

    Who is this "y'all" of whom you speak, Cat?

    VX: Exactly.

    Lou: Blogs ARE therapeutic. For some. :D


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