Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Little While Ago

Tonight's sunset... or thereabouts... it's actually about 20 or 30 minutes before sunset. We had some fairly strong thunderstorms that passed to the north of us this evening and I thought we might see some mammatus clouds... and we kinda-sorta did. But they never morphed into those amazing formations one sees elsewhere. The colors tonight were good, though.

Looking southeast. This shot was taken at nearly the same instant (-17 seconds) as the one below... the only difference is I changed the shutter speed from 1/80th sec (this shot) to...

... 1/320th sec. Both shots at ASA 400, shutter-priority mode. This shot is closer to reality... where the color is concerned... as seen with the naked eye.

Looking northwest, a bit later than the shots above. If you "click for larger" you can see mammatus trying to form.


  1. Beautiful skies. Wish we would get some rain here in my part of NC. Looks like we might get a bit by the end of the week if we're lucky.

  2. We got a bit of rain yesterday morning. The ground soaked it up quickly. The cloud/sunset photos are wonderful. I like the second shot the best.

  3. SOO pretty. Just look at the deep blue sky as a contrast. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! We awoke to an August morning in New Orleans -- that means the view out the windows is distorted until about 10:00 in the morning because of the condensation blurring the windows.

  4. Man, you have some lovely damn sunsets out your way. Beats hell out of anything I get to see, being so close to the city and all.

  5. SuzieQ: Yeah, rain is a good thing. We've had more rain than normal this year but I don't mind... at ALL.

    Lou: I thought you were gonna get hit real good last night. I watched that line of thunderstorms move just north of us, across the Texas Panhandle and into Oklahoma on the radar last night... and it was a HUGE line... stretching well over a hundred miles, from north to south.

    Moogie: I don't envy you your humidity. I still have memories of summers in Biloxi, and they ain't pretty.

    Jim: We DO have spectacular skies out this way. :D

  6. Great photos, Buck.

    I never miss a sunset since I moved to New Mexico. It is a brand new fresh and colorful show every night.

  7. Beautiful skies Buck. Wonderful pics.

  8. Sharon: Thanks. We're of like minds, in that I never miss a sunset, either. I miss a whole HELLUVA lot of sunrises, tho. :D

    Alison: Thank ya, Ma'am!

  9. This storm was something else for me! My power died for about 3 hours, and I live in Clovis.

    I remember these clouds...I have never seen clouds like this before this storm, and was sure that they had some sort of name like its nimbostratus, cirrus and other celestial brethren.

    Mammatus, I'll never forget your name!

  10. Crysti: As noted above, I watched the storm move through the area on radar... and saw that you guys up the road got hit pretty good. I didn't realize it was THAT bad, though!


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