Friday, August 21, 2009


After many, many months... if not a year or two... of prompting, cajoling and myriad not-so-subtle hints, long-time Occasional Reader Jimmy T is up and running in the Blogosphere with "Voice From the Noise." (Nice pic of ABQ above, eh?)

If you've been visiting EIP for any length of time you know Jimmy... along with his war stories, insights, and just all-around Good Guy nature. And now he's added his "voice to the noise."

Why dontcha drop on by his place and give him a big welcome? You'll be pleased...

Update: Andy, in comments, sez:
"I'll just wait for you to have your moment of clarity, instead of saying 'Where's the link?'" Dang. Blush. Fixed. Yet another instance of "don't attempt anything until you're fully caffeinated." And now to pour my second cup.


  1. I'll just wait for you to have your moment of clarity, instead of saying "Where's the link?"

  2. Ah, that picture. It was a special event a few years ago. New Years Eve or start of the Balloon Fiesta. Hikers lined the crest (small C) with lights for this photo op.

    Bobby R sends.

  3. Ah, that picture. It was Albuquerque's tricentennial. Story in the Telegraph: .

    (No 'ABQ' Air Force abbreviating, but I don't know how to embed the link.)

  4. Its lovely that picture. Thanks for the heads up. And lovely comment at Daphne's about your London plans Buck.

  5. Bob: Thanks for the back-story on the pic!

    Alison: I meant what I said at Daphne's. We were checking out properties...


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