Saturday, August 22, 2009

Does A Body Good...

Frequent visitors to EIP know I have a habit of chasing up Site Meter data from time to time... just to see how googlers got here, for the most part. I did just that this morning for someone who landed at EIP after they googled "detroit red wings symbol." This is what the search results look like:

Imagine my surprise... EIP is number seven out of about 148,000 hits, and the official Red Wings site ain't even on the first page. I never cease to wonder about Google's search algorithms... but I'm certainly pleased with the results.

So... I chased up this link while perusing the search results above, and I may have found my dream girl:

If by chance you should be reading this... and I'm talking to YOU, Stephanie... give me a call. Stat!


  1. He's a great guy Stephanie - do call him!!!

  2. Thanks for that, Cynthia. And thanks for not implying I might have a foot-fetish (that thought just occurred to me), coz I don't. :D

  3. Moogie, Kris: Yeah... but what about the TAT? :D


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