Friday, August 28, 2009

Ah... It's Come to This

As it usually does.  Somehow I always seem to end up my evenings with "Exile on Main Street"...
I'm the man who walks the hillside in the sweet summer sun.
I'm the man that brings you roses when you aint got none.
Well I can run and jump and fish, but I wont fight
You if you want to push and pull with me all night.

Give me little drink from your loving cup.
Just one drink and I'll fall down drunk.
We first heard "Exile" when we were in Beautiful Sinop-By-The Sea once upon a time in the way-back.  This is one of our favorite tunes off the album and we played it to frickin' death, either in our part-time gig as disc jockey or at numerous parties, all while belting out the lyrics and playing air guitar on various and sundry occasions... sometimes even in the company of beautiful round-eyed wimmen.
I feel so humble with you tonight,
Just sitting in front of the fire.
See your face dancing in the flame,
Feel your mouth kissing me again,
What a beautiful buzz, what a beautiful buzz,
What a beautiful buzz, what a beautiful buzz.
Oh, what a beautiful buzz, what a beautiful buzz.
Much later in life we would put the album on the turntable and listen with our Main Squeeze... reveling in its wonderfulness... with or without benefit of a fireplace.  I have to admit it was much better with fire, as there's a certain synergy that occurs in the moment with "see your face dancing in the flame"... but t'is another story (or stories)... that.
Yes, I am nitty gritty and my shirts all torn,
But I would love to spill the beans with you till dawn.

Give me little drink from your loving cup.
Just one drink and Ill fall down drunk.
These days we play the album mostly in the car and always on occasions when we get deep into our memories and reminisce on our dearly departed youth.  Like tonight.  And we can't help but think of those nights past when we did indeed "spill the beans til dawn."  Oh, my.  Yes.

What a beautiful buzz... what a beautiful buzz.


  1. Ooh. You did get down and wallow around in that sneaky, youth-is-wasted-on-the-young, memory drawer, last night, didn't you? Gotta be careful about doin' that -- sometimes you can't wash it all off!

    " ... face dancing in the flames. . ." -- I thought we weren't gonna talk about Ted Kennedy anymore!

  2. Ah, yes, Moogie... we DID get down to the dregs last evening. And it was good!

    re: "sometimes you can't wash it all off!" That reminds me way too much of another tune on Exile... as in:

    Just seemed too many flies on you
    I just cant brush them off

    (insert big ol' grin here)

    Nice one on Teddy!! That made me smile...

  3. Old memories are good...usually They sure do give us a range of strong emotions though, don't they?

    I mainly wonder where our youth went?? Darn it all....

  4. "Exile" is God's Perfect Album. There is not a bad cut on that recording.

  5. Sharon: Vanishing youth is life's MOST serious mystery. :D

    Barry: We are in complete and TOTAL agreement about Exile. I think it's the best rock 'n' roll album EVER made, taken in its entirety.

  6. PS, Barry... You DO know the title of this blog is a nod to "Exile on Main Street," right? I seriously considered naming the blog thus.

  7. Buck, I kinda figured that out, but I didn't realize it at first. ;-)

    Yeah, it doesn't get much better than "Exile."


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