Friday, June 26, 2009

Today's Funny

... is from Lisa Benson:

Heh, as we say in these parts.

Apropos of nothing... I went to Viral Vids to see if there was anything amusing to post and saw the entire Top 20 was nothing but MJ. I shoulda known...


  1. This is great - thank you!!

  2. The Bloody Truth and the they have no shame about the relationship. BO even complains about his treatment on Fox!!! Just frigging amazing.

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  3. Heh back atcha. Makes me want to lose my lunch.

  4. Great cartoon and sadly - so true.

    I do wonder what Obama will do when a reporter actually asks him a hard hitting, dig deep question.

    The head-exploding fireworks ought to be fun and entertaining for the whole family.

    (Heh, my word verification right now is "priti" - which I read as pretty, which my shallow ego likes very much. Hey, it's friday and I'm bored...)

  5. All: It is the truth, ain't it?

    Kris: I watched the interview he did with O'Reilly during the campaign, which was semi-hostile yet respectful, if ya get my drift. Obama acquitted himself quite well. IMHO. I think this is more of a journalism issue than an Obama issue. IMHO.


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