Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tonight's the Night

Finally... it's the Stanley Cup Finals, beginning tonight at 2000 hrs (EDT). Tonight will mark the Wings' 99th game this season... with at least three more on tap and more than likely a full slate of seven games before the series with the Penguins is decided. At least that's what most of the sporting press thinks.

While opinions on the question of who will win this series are pretty evenly divided, most pundits feel it will take seven games to decide the outcome. MLive's George Malik has posted comprehensive round-ups of the predictions from the usual sources, i.e., The Hockey News, ESPN, SI, the Canadian press, the CBC, hockey blogs, the Dee-troit and Pittsburgh papers, and even the frickin' New York Times... if you're into reading such things. His admittedly homer-ish coverage (Go Wings!) of the SCF is the BEST available (IMHO)... in terms of absolute completeness.

As for the Great Unwashed... here's a small sampling about what ESPN's readers think the outcome will be, along with some series-related questions:
Note that the vote is split fairly even at 51/49 Wings, nationwide. In Michigan 96% of voters think the Wings will win; in PA it's 85% Pens... go figure. You can vote in the poll here, if'n ya wanna. Now. As for me? I'm thinking Wings in six... just like last year. The wild card in all this is the Wings' health... the Pens' too. But given the way things look this morning... and most especially if Datsyuk returns for Game Two and the ones following... I just don't see the Wings losing.



  1. Actually, all the Pens are healthy.

  2. Buck, I am thinking SWEEP!! Yep, I could see them throwing away game 4 so they want to win at home but no more than that.

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  3. Michelle: Ya, the Pens are healthy, as far as we know. Teams are notoriously tight-lipped about injuries at this time of year. Gonchar may still be hurting, for one.

    Moogie: Thanks!

    Jimmy: I wouldn't argue with a sweep, were one to happen... but I think it will be closer than that. The Wings got a lot of good bounces last night, the Pens not so much. And there were times when the Pens literally swarmed the Detroit net, especially in the second period. Ozzie came up BIG for us each time.

    A couple of things that impressed me, though, were the fact we held Crosby and Malkin in check and Ozzie's BRILLIANT play. If Ozzie keeps on playing like he did last night then a sweep is NOT out of the question.

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