Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Selection From Today's Happy Hour

Just because...

"I used to be disgusted... now I try to be amused..."

Words to live by.


  1. hey just dropped in to let you know that we are back from the Land of New Belgium Brewery and i have a couple Folly Packs (4 of each Fat Tire, Mothership Wit, Trippel, and 1554)...i'm throwing a 10 lb. pork butt on the smoker at 7 a.m. Saturday morning...should be ready about the time you roll in...

    in other news...i'll be posting a few pics at my place in the next day or two...on of them was taken specifically for you...

  2. Wouldn't have pictured you an Elvis Costello fan.

    "Words to live by". Indeed!

  3. I'm kind of out of it when it comes to Elvis Costello, but thanks for sharing. I think I will head over to the Piper's for some pork and beer.

  4. If you didn't picture ME as an Elvis Costello fan, you don't know me. :-)

    Excellent choice, Buck.

  5. Great philosophy, one which I will try to remember since I seem to be becoming more disgusted with every passing day...

  6. Jay: I love those Folly Packs... but the Trippel tends to accumulate after the others are gone. I'm such a lightweight these days that two Trippels kick my arse. And smoked pork... oh WOW!

    Buckskins: I've been a fan since around '78 and have ALL of his early stuff (like the first six albums), less of his later stuff. I love his wife, too... especially this particular tune.

    Lou: Elvis is REALLY good!

    Barry: I knew dat! :D

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