Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yet Another "Posted Without Comment"

As captioned in the Daily Mail (UK):

Just hanging out with friends: The president and the first lady don 3-D glasses to watch the Super Bowl at a Super Bowl party in the family theatre of the White House

Feel free to suggest captions of your own, Gentle Reader.

Update, 2150 hrs: Meanwhile... over at the Republican National Committee (RNC) HQ...


  1. "Donning their rose colored glasses, the President and First Lady envision the Utopian world that only they can create"

  2. Honored guests at Iran's nuclear weapons test take in the spectacle from a special viewing chamber.

  3. Buckskins: "Rose colored glasses," indeed!

    Andy: Oooo. That one HURT (in a good way, of course).

  4. I'm not too big on tooting my own horn, but the more I read my little caption, the more I love it. Ha!

  5. You've every right to be proud of that one, ya know.

  6. If my Mom was Obama's mother, she would be cracking the whip right now: "SIT UP STRAIGHT IN THAT CHAIR AND STOP SLUMPING."

    Better him than me get the lecture. LOL

  7. Sharon: I'm bettin' that wouldn't be the end of your Mom's lecture, either!


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