Monday, April 27, 2009

Under the WX

So... here it is, a couple o' few minutes past noon and I've just poured my first cup. We had a rather rough night what with being up more often than not, and most definitely against our will, too.

The good news is we're feeling much better, having gotten about two and a half hours of uninterrupted sleep after 0930. The bad news is the day's well and truly shot in the ass... including a blown dental appointment I rescheduled for later this week. But I did reschedule well before I was due at the Good Doctor's office; there's some small saving grace in that.

Back in a few, once I collect my thoughts (heh) and the caffeine takes hold.

(image: Steffen Jensen)


  1. Yikes! Don't forget to rehydrate with electrolytes.

    Hope you can finally get over the season's ague.

  2. Thanks, Darryl. We're all better now!


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