Saturday, April 25, 2009


Put this up three minutes ago... or so:

BPenni: Watching the Pens-Flyers. Curiously, I find myself rooting for the Flyers (no dog in this fight). Flyers up, 2-0. Can U say Game 7? :-) (3 minutes ago from TwitterGadget)
Two late goals in the first... 51 seconds apart... and the Flyers are up 2-0. As it's said: there's still a lot of hockey left to be played. Yet, still. The Pens have just GOT to be thinking about that ol' "previous year's Stanley Cup Finalist goes out in the first round" curse that's been the norm for the past seven years.

Except for the Wings, of course. I'm thinking
I'd like to see the Flyers come out of this series as the winners. Go figure.

Update, 1545 hrs: Well, there was a lot of hockey left to be played... Pens win 5-3. Five unanswered goals, with Crosby scoring an empty-netter at the end. Sorry, Jimmy. I was rootin' for ya.


  1. Some, some game. That was fun. I had no dog in the hunt, either, and I was hoping for a Philly equalizer so we could get some OT, but it was a great game, either way.

  2. And is it just me, or is Jordan Staal just a bit underrated as a 2-way player?

  3. Thanks Buck, Andy, it was not to be again for the Flyers. I kept hoping and they did have their chances but Flurey was really good in that third period. But, this was something the Flyers did all year, they played to their competition and most of the times it was "down". The Second period was exactly that, they could have finished the Pen's but they played like them and wound up on the loosing end.

    Oh, Well, there is always next year. I will pull for the Red Wings but don't look for any passion.

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  4. Well, I'm a Penguins fan, so I was a little scared over what might happen. Great game played by everyone - Flyers and Pens!

    Sorry Buck, but if the Pens get knocked out, I have to put my vote in for Suldog and his Bruins.

  5. Andy: The Pens-Flyers was MOST definitely entertaining, and yeah: I agree Staal IS under-rated.

    And how 'bout them Hawks!?! They just beat the Hell out of Calgary last night; the Flames should be embarrassed.

    Jimmy: I hear ya. I suffered through a LOT of "next year" thingies when the Wings went out early in previous years.

    Michelle: I can see your position, given as how you're an Eastern sorta fan. So I'd be getting ready for a Bruins-Wings final, if I were you. :-)

  6. every win in that hawks/flames series has been on home ice so far. we'll see how that plays out.

  7. I won't say anything except that I am basking in the glow of both my hockey buddies rooting for the B's :-)

  8. Andy: Versus is screwing the pooch yet again... the Hawks game will be *partly* televised, then they'll cut away for the Ducks-Sharks. They have it EXACTLY wrong... they should show the whole freakin' Hawks-Flames and THEN cut to SJ-Anaheim. Twits.

    Jim: "Rooting" for the B's is too kind. I *favor* them in the East, but ALL bets are OFF when it gets to the SCF. ;-)


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