Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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From, in celebration of The First 100 Days.


  1. While working in the garden yesterday evening, I mentioned to Toby that GMA had a segment showing Mrs. Obama dressed to the nines overseeing some sort of garden project. GMA credited Mrs. O with making gardening popular - "starting a new trend." I believe I snorted.

  2. LOL Bag Blog - I don't remember if I snorted but I do remember thinking "yea, that's what I wear when I'm working in the yard..."

    re today's cartoon - not sure whether to laugh or cry.

  3. Good cartoon. It would work good showing all those papers at the bottom of a bird cage too!!

    I garden too and have for many years, even while I was an enlisted man living in the Barracks at my last shore duty statioin. That was more than 30 years ago so, Mrs. "O" has a long way to go before showing me anything green.

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  4. Yeah... about the gardening, on ALL counts. "New trend," my ass. The sheer mindlessness of our illustrious teevee "personalities" just boggles the mind. Print media, too.

  5. "New trend." Maybe the press should land in flyover country and take a gander at real folks' backyards/container gardens/herb gardens.

    I must admit, however, I've never worn a sleeveless shirt and leg warmers to work in the yard. Without gloves.

    Sad cartoon.

  6. This morning, the New York Times is inspecting the question of what the Republican party needs to do. Yup. And Patton took all kinds of advice from the Nazis.

    This cartoon you found is a wonderful illustration of why they don't need to change a damn thing. The voters are tired of thinking critically -- right now. For the moment. People get that way. Every single slogan you heard back in November that you aren't hearing now, just buttresses the point.

  7. Having never seen your ass I wouldn't know if its trendy or not, though I would assume the latter. That said I did see a pic the other day of baROCK swinging a sledge or somesuch... It didn't appear he had much practice of late...interesting that.

  8. Moogie sez: "Maybe the press should land in flyover country and take a gander at real folks' backyards/container gardens/herb gardens."

    Heh. You DO have a point. There aren't all that many gardens in Manhattan or DeeSee, eh?

    Morgan: EVERYone has advice for the GOP now, don't they? That said, I'm a bit fried when it comes to politics, too.

    Jay: Trendy 'R' NOT us. And why does it not surprise me The One might have issues with a sledge?

  9. I'm so curious ... why exactly are certain people blaming the state of the economy on BHO? He didn't f*k it up in 100 days. The slide downhill started long before BHO took office. Or is the point of the cartoon that people are ignoring the economic downturn? If so, that's hardly true. Perhaps people are just looking for a little diversion ...

  10. Lori: Beats me. I don't blame the recession on The One, but I'll damn sure blame the coming inflation on him.

    I think the point of the cartoon is the press' obsession with The One and its rather cavalier treatment of our economic issues, myself.


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