Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I HATE Versus!

So... we have two Game Sevens in the East tonite, and which game do you suppose Versus chose to televise? Rangers-Caps. Now I could be wrong here... simply because one never knows about playoff hockey... but I'm thinking the Caps will roll over New York. The Devils and the Hurricanes, OTOH, have been reasonably close throughout their series, and this game looks to be no different.

Bad call, Versus. You're REALLY disappointing me this year. To say the very least.

We're under way... back to the teevee.

Update, end of the first period: OK... I was wrong. Rangers come out like a house afire and outshoot the Caps 8-2 in the first period. The Rangers have more jump, more hustle, more fire... even though the game is tied 1-1 on a Washington short-handed goal (Semin). This looks like a good game. I stand corrected.

Update, Game Over: Caps win, 2-1. Sergei Federov is the hero with a late third period goal and the Caps become one of the very few teams (21, ever) to come back from a 3-1 series deficit to win. A great game.


  1. re: your update. i was just about to say that.

  2. Yeah... what a beauty this one was!


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