Friday, April 24, 2009


Via Blog-Bud Barry... Facebook's World Leaders Group:

You really DO need to go read the whole thing, Gentle Reader. Appearances from The One, Vlad the Imbiber, that crazee Sarkozy, and a host of others...


  1. OMG -- thank you for this! I laughed out loud for a good long time. Poor ol" Medvedev!

  2. That was some funny stuff.

    Hey Buck, been a little preoccupied with the home front lately, I haven't been ignoring you -I've been ignoring everyone. Nice to see you're still doing fine. I enjoyed the vlog, by the way (except for the hockey stuff), you ought to put that in your regular repertoire.

  3. Oh my gosh..... that is just hilarious!!!!! LOLOLOL!!!!!

  4. Yeah, Barry was on a roll today with the funnies. I stole the next one. :-)


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