Saturday, April 18, 2009


From the new-to-me blog "This Is Ridiculous," by way of Chap... "Pac Man Gone Wild!"

As the original post sez: "These are the kinds of things you really wish happened in your own town."

Yup. But I just don't SEE this happening in P-Ville... ever.


  1. Pretty funny, for the French.

    This may not happen in P-ville, but I doubt it'd raise many eyebrows in New Orleans! Unless they cut in line or something reprehensible like that.

  2. Looks like something out of Jackass.

  3. I'm thinking the guy that whacked him with a golf club could be facing assault charges.

    The guys tackling them in the store sure don't exhibit much of a sense of humor, especially considering they're French. What, not Jerry Lewis enough??

  4. Moogie: I'm thinking there's not a whole helluva lot that would raise eyebrows in N'Awlins. Ya just GOTTA love that town!

    Buckskins: You have a point! ;-)Dave: You're right about the whacking. Not good, that. I guess shopkeepers wouldn't have much of a sense of humor about people knocking over their displays and such... I know I wouldn't. But as a disinterested observer, I think it's a riot!

  5. That was funny, I needed a giggle today.


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