Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Ya know how things just come out RIGHT, every once in a while? Case in point... the perfect three-egg-and-cheese omelet, in progress:

And as served... and even though the pic is out of focus the taste was NOT, Gentle Reader.

Can you tell I love my salsa? The soft-food thing ain't all that bad, with the right condiments at hand.


  1. Color me impressed! - not because you made a good looking omelet which you did, but because you could eat even that a day after surgery!

  2. It ain't the eating that's hard, Ann. I haven't told you (or anyone) about the near-death event brushing my teeth has become... ;-)

    Oops. Cat. Bag. Dang!

  3. Ann from MT is right. Best I could do 24 hours after wisdoms out was that (Campbell's) chicken soup I mentioned a year or two ago. (Someone brought you some home-made for one medical reason or another).

    Nice looking salsa-- El Pinto I presume, made a few miles west of here in the [even] big[ger] city.

  4. That was Jenny that brought the soup, Bob. I STILL remember that act of kindness... coz the first surgery was definitely MUCH worse than this latest event.

    And yep: El Pinto it is! The last of the "Hot and Spicy Chipotle," which means another trip over to The Big(ger) City sometime later this week. I have a jar of El Pinto's "regular" Hot Salsa as back-up, tho. We're never completely without, ya know. ;-)

  5. Om nom nom!

    Whenever my band gets filled (every two weeks, at the moment), I'm on a liquid diet for 24 hours...but scrambled eggs are okay! I usually pour them into boiling broth to make a ghetto version of egg-drop soup.
    Hey, whatever works, right?

  6. My ghetto-version of egg-drop soup (nice turn of a phrase, btw!) is two raw eggs dropped into ramen noodles just as the water begins to boil... the eggs/noodle combo cooks up just right in the requisite three minutes. And that was last night's dinner, btw! ;-)

  7. That sounds yummy, too...maybe I'll try it tomorrow night!

  8. Ummmm...eggs! Love 'em, especially with salsa. Staple in this household. In fact, just getting ready to have me some in a few minutes before heading back to work!


  9. I do not make a good omlet, but I do go out for breakfast and order one every chance I get. I like the western omlet filled with ham, cheese, onions, green peppers, etc. At home, I love salsa on my eggs, but the restaurants around here serve some sort of nasty picante sauce - no thanks. Migas are my absolute favorite egg breakfast.

  10. Gorgeous omelettes, Buck.

    After dental surgery a few years back, I made a big pot of Great Northern beans (white beans, basically) and cooked them until they almost dissolved into mud. Awesome.

  11. Beautiful culinary effort Buck! I bet they tasted better than any description any of us could put to them.

    Glad your spirits are so good after your latest round. That's a good sign for recovery.

    I should know! ;-)

  12. Anything with salsa is good.

    I can picture the life changing second that can happen as you mindlessly start scrubbing with the tooth brush!

    Continue the mission...

  13. Buck: How are nights working out? I used to HATE mids... worst shift in the world, bar none.

    Lou sez: ...but the restaurants around here serve some sort of nasty picante sauce - no thanks.

    Same thing around here. I always say "no" when I go through the local tacoteria's (NOT Taco Bell) drive-thru when they ask if I want salsa... "Thanks, I have my own." I've often wonder just WHY restaurants don't usually provide good salsa... some do, most don't.

    Barry: A pot of Great Northerns sounds freakin' fantastic! And they make the house smell so good when they're simmering on the stove!

    Kris: Indeed you SHOULD (and DO) know!

    DC: believe me, brushing my teeth is anything BUT mindless at the moment. It's a VERY careful exercise... but stuff happens, no matter how careful you are.

  14. YUMMMMMM Buck! The omelot looks just awesome! MMMMMMMMMMM ... one of my favorite foods! I don't think I put that much salsa on though. LOL

    Migas. Good too. Never tried the egg drop ramen but I will because it sounds like another winner.

    I can tell it is lunch time here ... everything sounds good right now!

  15. I don't think I put that much salsa on though. LOL

    There's NO such thing as "too much" when it comes to salsa, yanno? ;-)

    We go through a jar a week here, and there's just ME eating it. That ought to give you an idea...

  16. Uncle Buck, i'm not even hungry and my mouth watered looking at that! You're welcome at my fire anytime.

  17. I hate melted cheese in my eggs. Too mushy.

    Favorite breakfast; Chorizo con huevos y frijoles. Loaded up in fresh flour tortillas with a ton of salsa fresca. Or Migas, I love of full plate of Migas. On Sundays, Barbacoa, pico de gallo and warm corn tortillas. Vavarro Primo!

  18. Damn, Buck! Breakfast is absolutely my favorite meal of the day (next to lunch and dinner, of course), and them's some fine looking omelet's.

    Glad to see you are up and about, and able to enjoy good victuals.

  19. Sharon: Thank ya, Ma'am!

    Jay: Thank ya, Sir. High praise, indeed, coming from a foodie such as yourself!

    Daphne: You DO know how to do breakfast! Now you're making MY mouth water.

    Buckskins: Breakfast is OFTEN dinner, in these parts... especially in times like these.


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