Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What We Did This Morning...

... which is to say we spent a few hours at the New Mexico Ag-Expo, held every year about this time in P-Ville. The weather was super-cooperative today... high 60s to begin and in the mid-70s when I left the fairgrounds. There was little or no wind today... unlike yesterday, which was its usual obnoxious and blustery self. The lack of wind, bright skies and balmy temps (for February) put everyone in high spirits, to say the VERY least.

I just finished uploading a low-quality video of the vintage tractor parade (the pic above is a few of 'em) to YouTube... Deeres, Farmalls, and one tracked Caterpillar... led by a couple of beautiful longhorn steers.
Here it is (3:05):

I love looking at machinery... in every shape and form... and there's some pretty impressive examples at the Ag-Expo. I'll be putting up various pics over the course of the next day or two, but lest you think it was ALL machinery... think again!

We have some beautiful farm ladies in this part of the world, ya know. Very friendly, too.


  1. Well that's a big ole slice of Amicana right there.

    Zoom in on the farm ladies next time please.

  2. I missed the expo this year! Was in town, but had other things to do (like taxes. Ugh). Looks like it was probably another good one. I think I know one of those farm/dairy ladies.

    Another beautiful day here though. If I didn't have ball practice to go to tonight, I might have had my own happy hour.

  3. Loved the sound of the old tractors! And that is the first time I've ever seen longhorns saddled.

    It does look like it was a gorgeous day - Hope it held up for happy hour!

  4. How wonderful!!
    My DH will love the video - he has spent the winter rebuilding our Ford Jubilee Tractor - and, yes, we do farm with it!

  5. Terrific, Buck. Another wonderful day in P'ville. And pretty friendly ladies, too.

  6. Looks like you picked a great way to spend the day, Buck!

    Love them old tractors, especially that Farmall Super M. They have a style and class that will never be seen again.

    I can't imagine saddling and riding a longhorn...I'll stick to my horses, thanks!

  7. Nothin' like a girl that thanks tractors is sexy...i found one, and look what's happened.

  8. Fabulous! Loved the longhorns and the tractors. Can't believe someone could saddle the Longhorns. They looked pretty healthy, too!

  9. Yup, the DH said "wonderful - thanks!"

    My favorite is the driver holding the baby!!!

  10. tim: One of the better things was talking to the guys (and gals) who restore these tractors. ALL are farmers and some of 'em have five or six tractors.

    Jenny: It was pretty good, but attendance seemed light. Most of the vendors claimed business is good... and I asked. A lot.

    Ann: I don't recall ever seeing longhorns saddled, either.

    Cynthia: Glad you and your DH liked the vid! I'll have more pics today and tomorrow... I took a LOT of tractor pics, LOL!

    Cat: It WAS fun! The ladies are right friendly, as noted!

    BR: I spent a lil time talking with one of the guys who rode the longhorns. They pick 'em young and train 'em for about two years or so before they "show" 'em, i.e., ride 'em in public. And not all the steers have the temperament for this, I learned.

    Jay: I seem to recall a song along those lines... :-)

    Phlegmmy: I have quite a few pics of those steers. Beautiful animals.

    All: The WX DID hold up, and Happy Hour was QUITE pleasant. But we're back to high winds today...

  11. Tractors, trucks, and guns - some guys have all the good toys!

  12. Buckskin, How do you tell a "M" from a "Super M"? I worked for a International shop back in the middle 60's and had the opportunity to assist in a few conversions. I cannot remember what the external changes looked like. I vaguely recall a larger bore and valves, a modified distributor curve change, and a larger carb. My favorite of the tractors in the video is the horizontal cylinder John Deere. The engine had a great toe tapping rhythm when it was running. I rented a flat from an old farmer and his wife and he had an old John Deere, Had to spin the flywheel to start it.

  13. I found it. It's on the decal. After I made the comment and posted, I said to my self "wait a minute, I have a computer and I know how to do a search". So I did and found what I needed.


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