Saturday, February 14, 2009

Well Now...

Look at what we found out at the Class VI store this morning...

I take back what I said about the Beer Lady a few posts back. No Dark Kriek, though. But we knew there wouldn't be any of that, didn't we?

I'm semi-proud of myself today. All the errands were run... post office, commissary, Class VI store... and the groceries put away... all before noon, albeit ever so very slightly. Still and even... that just HAS to be some sort of record here at El Casa Móvil De Pennington. Most days we're not even out of bed before noon.

Apropos of nothing... if you received this in your in-box would you not assume your package was coming via UPS?
Your Order# is: xxxxxxx
Shipped on : 02/09/09
Shipped via : UPS-Basic
Ship to:
Norman Pennington
PORTALES NM 88130-9333
United States

1 790451: (deleted... don't wanna spoil the surprise)

This item shipped via UPS and can be tracked with this link: (deleted)
Well, it didn't. I found the "missing" package in my snail-mail box yesterday afternoon... after the UPS Guy had come and gone yet again without delivering my package. Sometimes I really wonder about things. But all's well that ends well. SN3 will receive his birthday present on or before The Big Day... and that's all that really counts, innit?


  1. These days I think UPS Basic means the USPS.

    Why they can't just say that is beyond me.

  2. Joie de vive, Sergeant! (sp?) Cheers!

  3. I forgot about that...actually UPS and FedEx both have that - they hand off to the local post office. It is the least expensive service hence the name "Basic" instead of "Ground" as it is far easier (and cheaper) to deliver a bunch to the P.O. than do the door to door.

    It is hard to know from the tracking that they are doing that unless you are familiar with the service names. I was surprised the first time.

  4. Kris and Ann: Well... thank you both. I know now, as well. And I was truly surprised and not a lil bit ticked off when I figured this out.

    Bob: Yessir! (and your spelling is spot on) ;-)

  5. They hand off to YOUR local post office, i.e., it is UPS or FedEx from point of origin to Portales Post Office in your case.

  6. Glad to see you got your hands on some 2 below! I daresay you won't be disappointed. I'm at work right now, and just looking at the picture is giving me a powerful thirst.

    Personally, I've never been a fan of UPS. My perception is that they must treat their customers (i.e. big businesses who ship in large quantities) well, but the folks on the receiving end...not so much. Nothing like having a large cardboard box left out in plain the rain. >:(

  7. Glad to see you got your hands on some 2 below! I daresay you won't be disappointed.

    I certainly wasn't disappointed. And, as noted in a newer post above, I'll be buying more tomorrow... if more is available.

    On UPS: my experience with them has been very, very good to date. I think a lot depends on the luck of the draw where the driver is concerned.


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