Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No I'm Not!

Click for larger if you can't read the image. Via Blog-Bud Mike... the "If You Were a Beer Test." Which, when one comes right down to it, is wrong. I might have a pint of Guinness once a year, or so... mebbe two if it's on tap. Otherwise? Not so much. It IS "too heavy," as the quiz notes naysayers will claim. Meh.

I'd be a New Belgium product or some sort of English Ale (like Directors Bitter), were I a beer. With cigar appendages, too. But that's just me. YMMV, of course.


  1. Yep, I got the Guinness, too, and methinks that's garbage.

  2. Like most of these quizzes, the outcome only occasionally matches reality. IMHO.

  3. oh sweet...i'm gone to take the quiz...post later.

  4. Guinness...i was hoping for something from the Trappists m'self...feh...awwwell. The chick that wrote that test probably wouldn't know blue label Chimay from Keystone Light.

  5. I strongly suspect you're right, Jay!

  6. I took the test yesterday, and I too found the results to be highly suspect. It said I was a "Bass", when I'm darn certain I'm more of a Fat Tire or Newcastle man.

    And it said I'm only 67% bitter, so it must be wrong...or I'm slipping. :)

  7. It's all in the taste. Obviously the maker of the test believed Guinness to be the best beer.

  8. Don't forget to give Makeson XXX a try when you get the chance, Buck. All the flavor, but none of the heaviness of big G.

  9. i second that motion by Doc...Mackeson XXX has a very thick malty, slightly bittersweet chocolate finish. I've heard tell that the Scots actually mix it with milk to make a high octane chocolate milkshake.

    I think you'll find it extremely enjoyable.

    I would also recommend the Beamish. Along the same lines as Mackeson, just as dark but not near as heavy as Guinness.

  10. BR sez: And it said I'm only 67% bitter, so it must be wrong...or I'm slipping. :)

    LOL! A man after me own heart!

    Lou sez: It's all in the taste.

    Ah... SO true. About everything, but most especially beer!

    Doc: I remain "on the look out!"

    Jay: Thanks for the tips... as noted elsewhere, you're a man whose tastes I trust.


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