Sunday, February 15, 2009

Apropos of Nuthin'

Just in from Happy Hour... where we consumed two 2 Belows... with the second still in progress, as we speak (type). The verdict? Good beer, and VERY reminiscent of good English bitter... which is to say quite hoppy, with a good "nose." We'll pick up more of this excellent beer... assuming there's any to be had... when we venture out to the base this coming Tuesday.

I thought long and hard about "doing" Happy Hour today, seeing as how the temp is only 53 degrees. But a light sweater... topped with my trusty A2... made sitting outside a most pleasurable experience. The accompaniment to the beer today was an Acid Atom Maduro... a most enjoyable smoke that worked well with the beer. And we need to mention the musical accompaniment, courtesy of Pandora's "James Brown" channel. Yet more Good Stuff, indeed. One can always count on James to deliver an uplifting mood, if one is in need.

And the image? Just included so you don't think the premises are always in a pristine state, Gentle Reader. Oh, no... indeed. We got a lil bit... ummm... exuberant with our pouring when it came time for the second course. Nothing a paper towel couldn't fix, of course.

Life is good.


  1. Had me some 2 below before, too hoppy for this guy. Two things that really turn me off as far as taste goes: Olives and hoppy beers.

    Doing something today that I haven't done in a long time: Making chili and drinking Bud Light. About 5 cans of it so far. Sometimes it's the simple things.

  2. 53 and a sweater??? 53 is shorts and tshirt weather!!!

    :) ! -all things being relative.

  3. Your happy hour sounds quite nice. Yesterday was nice here. The weatherman said this week's weather would be a "rollercoaster." Just another springtime in OK.

  4. Andy: How'd that chili turn out? And I can't quite figure out what it is with the Wings-Avs this year! It's a complete role-reversal from last year, and has me scratching my head... and NOT in a good way.

    Ann: 53 is pretty danged chilly when your personal R-factor ain't up to code. I don't carry ANY excess insulation on this "built for speed" frame. ;-)

    Lou: There was a surprising amount of warmth in the sun yesterday, and the wind was gentle, for a change. So... yeah. It WAS nice out. Today looks like it's gonna be a re-run.

    re: OK in the spring. Exciting. To say the very least. ;-)

  5. 53 degrees?!? Wuss...I was out smoking a cigar in sub zero temps a couple of weeks ago. The weather has put a crimp in my smoking but not completely stopped it.

  6. 53 degrees?!? Wuss..

    Guilty as charged. I'm getting soft in my dotage. ;-)

  7. glad you liked the just didn't do anything for me...i'll post some pics of what i did last night...i think you'll like. Look for it sometime tomorrow.

  8. Will do, Jay. Probably when I get back from the Airplane Patch, tho. I'm already later than I wanna BE... ;-)


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