Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eat Your HEART Out, Palin!

Alternative title considered: "You May Stand Down, Feminists. There Aren't Any Further Barriers to Smash." But it wouldn't fit as well. Your suggestions are welcome, Gentle Reader, should you have any. And yeah, maybe "Clinton" would have been more fitting. But I went with my gut on this one... that and the fact it might tweak Morgan... jes a lil bit.

Also worthy of your consideration:
FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful.


  1. The Onion continually amazes me with consistent levels of good satire. Their writers truly have a demented gift.

  2. Suldog has it right his view that The Onion writers "truly have a demented gift."

  3. Actually, I found the second one for the terminally cheerful the more entertaining of the two. I think I already worked in that East Timor woman's office. :-D

  4. Actually, "basically," I roared with laughter. Thanks Buck. You broke my funk again.
    (And even if others don't, I like broke funk.)

  5. Catmoves--
    I've smelled funky and broken wind, but can't say I've ever had my funk broken.

  6. Jim: Agreed... the writers at The Onion are GREAT!

    Lou: Am I reading sarcasm into your comment? Just a teeny-tiny bit, maybe? ;-)

    Doc: I liked the Annoyingly Cheerful one better myownself... but I couldn't resist the opportunity to poke Morgan... :-)

    Cat: Glad to have been of service! Srsly. We can't have ya walking around in a funk, ya know.

    Bob: I've had my funk broken... as in "bad mood..."

  7. I see your female dictator butchering her enemies in the town square...

    ...and I raise you by a self-proclaimed feminist demanding her Gaea-given inalienable right to be a nasty carbuncle on the ass of humanity. After ever-increasing thresholds of authority, there is always base human ugliness.

    "Stand Down Feminists There Are No More Barriers to Smash," you say? Ho ho, ha ha. The surest way to make the angels laugh is to tell 'em your plans.

  8. Well... The bitch DID have a point. However minor it might have been.


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