Sunday, January 18, 2009

Someone Else I'll Miss

I've gone on a bit over the last few about how much I'll miss President and Mrs. Bush. But I'll miss this lady, too:

I've watched a lot of White House press secretaries come and go in my time. This woman, IMHO, was among the very best. Ms. Perino is blessed with a sharp mind, quick responses, and an even-tempered "grace under pressure" demeanor that even her detractors have to admire. And she ain't hard to look at, either.

Ms. Perino is simply the best at what she does... especially considering that Tony Snow was such a hard act to follow. I'll miss her.


  1. I'm really sad about the way some people are treating Bush leaving. Gosh, they can at least show respect.

    Are you going to watch the inauguration? Not planning on it here. Won't be home, anyway. Errand to run in town after school is out, then have a basketball practice. Can you tell I'm crushed?

  2. I am so disheartened by the cold shoulder President and Mrs. Bush are getting in their departure this week. When I heard that Obama The One had other "important" things to do and could not attend the Bush farewell speech, my rage meter just shot up higher. Such outright rudeness!

    I for one will greatly miss the president and the first lady and other members of his administration. I do believe that Dana Perino was a very competent but highly underrated press secretary.

    I am planning my Obama-free week, as much as I can get away hearing about him.

  3. Tony Snow was the best. Ms Perino is really competent, and I hope her taking this job won't hurt her in the future. never know with the open minded Leftist Press.

    BDS is tearing our country apart. No civility remains in our political discourse. Celebrating our diversity has made us all distrust each other based on the melanin level of a person's skin.

    Not quite what MLK intended.

    Hooray for President Bush and his family. They deserve the big break that will be his tomorrow, and I hope his retirement is without drama.

    To celebrate tuesday's craziness, She Who Will Be Obeyed and myself shall enjoy a quiet time without t.v., dinner starring Duck with a cherry sauce and maybe a fine five dollar bottle of wine.

    Two Buck Chuck, anyone?

  4. Jenny: I hear ya about Dubya... and some of the crap coming from the Left is just WAY over the top. I plan to watch the inauguration, as much as it offends my political sensitivities. Tomorrow is a very historic occasion, and I want to bear witness... even if it's only on teevee.

    Sharon: We're in agreement, mostly, as well. I got seriously ticked off yesterday at the "all Obama, all the time" crap pouring from the television.

    DC: re: Tony Snow. I tend to agree with you, and I think Perino has many of the same qualities Mr. Snow had. Plus she's better looking, as noted. ;-)

    I'm gonna pass on the wine tomorrow and will break out the single-malt in honor of the occasion. And a cigar, too. Maybe two.


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