Friday, January 30, 2009

My Hero Today

That would be Commander Kurt Lippold, USN (ret). For this:
The former commander of the USS Cole, the American war ship that was struck by a suicide boat in Yemeni waters more than eight years ago, on Thursday slammed President Barack Obama's orders to close the Guantanamo detention center and reassess the prisoners being held there.

''We shouldn't make policy decisions based on human rights and legal advocacy groups,'' retired U.S. Navy Cmdr. Kurt Lippold said in a telephone interview. "We should consider what is best for the American people, which is not to jeopardize those who are fighting the war on terror — or even more adversely impact the families who have already suffered loses as a result of the war."

The Commander is absolutely, positively correct. But the lunatics appear to be in charge of the asylum these days. I don't doubt for a frickin' nanosecond there's more such madness from the Obama administration in the works. Hell, I know there is. It's spelled S-T-I-M-U-L-U-S. Among other things. But we digress.


  1. If just one of those prisoners is linked to any killing of US military or civilians of any nationality in the future, I would say political careers will be severly damaged. But we will see - seems to be my only saying these days.

  2. Grievous, I never expected this so quickly, I must say the man does move fast.

  3. Lou: There's been some significant press about former Gitmo detainees "returning to the fight" of late. I don't like the way this is going...

    Dawn: You're speaking of Obama, right?

  4. Buck, I'm with you this one! I think in short order this move is going to jump up and bite us hard! I told my son after Prez-O made this move that I would not be suprised if we didn't have another major attack on US soil very soon. God help us all!

  5. Well yeah! Guess I should'a clarified :)

  6. God help us all is right [Dale] - I had that same thought about another attack and also the fear that the war will be prolonged and escalated as a result of the actions of the same administration that so many seem to think will end it.

    More madness indeed, not so sure that it is digressing.

  7. Dale (and Ann): re: another attack. One hopes closing Gitmo won't have that large an effect. I'm more worried about Obama's position on "enhanced interrogation" and the PATRIOT Act in the "next attack" space.

    Alison: Yup. Hold on to yer hat! ;-)

    Dawn: Thanks!

    Ann, again: It's outcomes that matter, innit?

  8. I'm not sure how stupid our president can get in the name of "human rights". This next year is going to be VERY scary.

  9. Ummm... make that four years, please! ;-)


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