Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Farewell President and Mrs. Bush

Thank you, Sir and Madam.
You were magnificent.


  1. Oh Buck, what a lovely picture.

    If anything could make me feel a little better on this grim day, that was it. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, Sharon. The picture came from here. A big hat-tip to Cynthia from Gazing at the Flag for the link.

  3. The one thing many seem to be forgetting is to offer a "Thank you" to the outgoing administration. I'm afraid I was guilty of this omission in my own posting for today.

    Agree or disagree with policy, they gave eight years of service to the best of their ability and with best of intentions. They deserve a "Thank you" at the very least.

  4. What will those with "Bush Derangment Issues" do now? Whom with they blame for their miserable lives?

    Stay Tuned!

  5. Thanks Buck, great post and pic.

    Farwell Mrs. Bush and indeed Thank You Mr. President.

    It's over as I type...*sigh*

  6. Thanks Buck for the great pic! And so we move on to the next chapter in American history!

  7. BDS sufferers won't be magically cured by any means. All the world's ills for the next 4 years will be blamed on Bush -no matter who voted for what in that time.

    I will miss the Bushes. Their honor and dignity will now be missing from the White House.

  8. I love this picture! So glad you used it!!!

    Grace and class have left DC...
    Thank you for your service - you will be missed.

  9. Wonderful picture. Not a fan of the Bush, but i absolutely adored his clever, smart wife. I'll miss her.

  10. Buck, in your answer to Sharon you included a site under "here". I just clicked it and got this notice: Page Not Found
    The page you requested wasn't found at this location. The Obama Administration has created a brand new White House website, and it's possible that the page you were looking for has been moved.

    Please take a moment to explore our new site, learn more about President Obama and his team, and read about their plan to bring about the change America needs.

    You can even read the blog, hear all the latest news and current events, and share your thoughts and feedback with the President.

    We'll be adding new content and features every day, so we hope you'll bookmark WhiteHouse.gov and visit often. In the meantime, you can use the search field below to find more information on President Obama and the Administration.

    A new broom, eh?

  11. Cynthia mentioned that the old whitehouse.gov had simply vanished in the post above this one, and this is but evidence of that fact. I need to seriously look into where the content on the Bush White House site went. I saved the source (a pdf of Dubya's accomplishments) just in case something like this were to happen. It's quite large (16 MB) but I can e-mail it to ya if you want it... assuming your e-mail can handle 16MB attachments. Not every e-mail app can.


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