Friday, November 21, 2008

Makin' the Rounds...

... a superb reality-check from a previously unknown-to-me comic, Louis CK (4:12):

The man makes some great points! I kinda-sorta disagree with him on the flying experience, though, what with me being "of an age" where I can remember when flying was a pleasurable experience. Flying was beyond pleasurable, actually... it was special, in every sense of the word. Which, of course, is largely a function of the cost of a plane ticket. Flying used to be expensive back in the day and, as might be expected, fewer people could afford to fly. But today? What we have is airborne Greyhound buses, with a clientele similar to what you'd find in any bus station 30 years ago. EVERYONE can afford to fly these days, with predictable results in the experience. I'll not go further, lest you begin to get the feeling I'm one of those people...snobs, in other words. (But yeah: I am... in a lot of respects.)

But wait! There IS more. Back then: you got food, such as it was. There was no charge for checking your bags (unless you had, say, six of 'em). Drinks were free, for the most part. Flights were relatively uncrowded. Stewardesses Flight attendants were frickin' GORGEOUS and the fodder for many a male fantasy, which sometimes... in VERY rare occasions... came true. Male flight attendants were unknown. And lastly... there wasn't any of that TSA bullsh!t. There. I'm done. So much for nostalgia.

(h/t for the vid: Blog-Bud Andy)


  1. "Ah, for the days when aviation was a gentleman's pursuit - back before any Joe Sweatsock could wedge himself behind a lunch-tray and jet off to Raleigh-Durham." - Sideshow Bob, "The Simpsons" episode 3F08

    As I write this, I'm in Raleigh-Durham, having wedged myself behind a lunchtray (as I do twice a month) on JetBlue and flown from NYC to RDU.

    I've driven this route many times and I've taken the train many times, too.

    I like driving.

    I like trains.

    I don't like flying these days.

    But I'll put up with a lot of discomfort because it's so damned fast.

  2. I finished a short flight between Philly and Norfolk yesterday (I was in attendance at the USCG Innovative Expo) on US Scare airlines and I not only had to pay for the only bag I was checking ($15.00) but when I wanted coffee, I was asked for $1.00. A bottle of water was $3.00. And I am a Gold level Frequent Flyer!!!

    I was so glad it was a short flight, I couldn't even guess at what they were charging for using the Can!!!

    BT: Jimmy T Sends.

  3. Heavens---I must be old. I remember getting on an airplane, wearing my prettiest summer frock with white heels and WHITE gloves---c.1966. I was fourteen and the pilot winked at me. I could have flown home without the airplane (Phoenix to Abilene TX).

  4. Flying was always special to me. We always dressed up in dresses and nice shoes, daddy wore a suit. I still dress up on the rare occasion that we fly anymore.

    Of course, we were required to dress up, since mom and daddy worked for Delta. But even if they didn't, I still think it's a reason to dress up.

  5. Barry: I hear ya. All I can say is I'm glad MY frequent-flier days are behind me. It was bad when I quit; it's MUCH worse now... as you and Jimmy T indicate.

    Jimmy: Ah... I feel for ya, I really DO. I only flew US Air infrequently back in the day, what with living in Detroit (an NWA hub) for most of my frequent flying days. But I'm thinking it doesn't much matter WHICH airline one chooses today: they ALL suck.

    Deborah: You're not old... you're in your PRIME! Thanks for the vignette; I can just see you getting on the aircraft! Your story also reinforces my point: we used to "dress" for the occasion, didn't we? (I was always in my Class A uniform when I flew back then... a requirement for the 50% discount the military received in those days.)

  6. Jenny: we were commenting together but separate, yet again. I wish more folks had your attitude, i.e., "I still think it's a reason to dress up." You're not alone, though. It ain't all tank tops and flip-flops, Thank God.


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