Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Everyone Talks About It..."

I was gonna complain about the wind... but I won't. Things could be worse, ya know. And it looks like things ARE worse over in the AOR. SN1 sent along the following pics last evening, with little or no explanation. I've asked for clarification, but due to the time difference between us I haven't heard back.

The CSAR pics were forwarded, SN1 took the bottom pic from his vehicle on his way to work this morning. "CSAR" stands for "Combat Search and Rescue" and I assume someone from the CSAR org sent the first two pics to SN1.


  1. Subtract about 20 degrees from that temp and add about 30 MPH to that wind gust and you've got the weather in lovely Ames today.

    It looks like things are a bit wet SN1's neck of the woods.

  2. Buck, me thinks you have the Son's reversed!! Isn't SN2 the one in the Navy? LOL

    I hope those CSAR guys have "rescue swimmer" quals in addition to all the other minor items that they qual to get to be in CSAR.

    Looks like fun.

    We have friends in the USMC whose son is over there, not sure but they are bored out of their minds. May be time to shift AOR's and mover a little more East.

    Bless them all. Mine heads there in January.

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  3. This one got me a little choked up too. That place is a hell-hole.

  4. Rub-a-dub-dub four men in a tub...

    I had similar thoughts to JimmyT. Those are some interesting photos. Thank SN1 for sending them.

  5. Mike: Well... I'm glad I'm not in Ames! ;-)

    Jimmy: I'm still waiting for clarification from SN1... but yeah... this looks more suited to SN2 than SN1!

    Bless them all. Mine heads there in January.

    He's in my thoughts, Jimmy.

    Amy sez: That place is a hell-hole.

    And a boring one, at that... or so I hear.

    Lou sez: Those are some interesting photos. Thank SN1 for sending them.

    They are that, Lou. And I have... thanked him.

  6. The shots were after we got 1.5 inches of rain last week. Forecast for today and tomorrow: More rain...albeit JUST an inch. The ground doesn't soak up much and the low spots become puddles...or worse...very quickly. The CSAR guys were having a bit of fun...but, that quickly ended when the Chief and the LT pointed out the floating rat traps and dead birds. The bio guy expressed concern for plague among other things and everyone quickly sobered up to the fact that standing water is a significant problem. The plan is to move their facilities enough that this problem isn't encountered again. We'll see...

    In my pic...the living areas were very quickly cleared of standing water by our favorite Civil Engineers. Good on 'em!

    We're bracing for more of the same soon...MTF.

    Greetings from the AOR...hope everyone is doing fine at home.

    One sad note: We lost a young NCO here from home station. Cause of death was apparently natural causes. VERY emotional memorial and the whole mission comes back into focus very quickly around here.

    Thanks to all for the support. It means a great deal to us here.


  7. Thanks for the update, Buck. I'm sorry about the young sergeant -- that's really sad. You're in our thoughts and prayers.


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