Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gray, Cool, and Blustery (The Weather... NOT Me)

I feel rather small complaining about our weather, what with Gustav bearing down on the long-suffering Gulf Coast (the link is time-sensitive and may not appear if you’re reading this on some day other than 8/31/2008). But… I will. Our weather on this last long weekend of summer has been something of a bust for P-Ville’s working folks. It doesn’t affect me all that much, coz one day’s pretty much the same as the next. I can take a blustery, gray, occasionally rainy, and relatively cool weekend in stride and defer any outdoor activities until the next sunny day… be it Tuesday, Thursday, or whenever. Not so for the average family. I remember all too well how disappointed we were when our parade got rained on… both literally and metaphorically. Rain, and its accompanying disappointment tends to be tempered by gratitude in these parts, however. Coz we just don’t get that much… so what we DO get is always greeted with Hosannas.


I was amazed at the torrent of MSM articles and blog posts on Sarah Palin… and the fact that fully half the space on memeorandum’s page was all about Sarah yesterday. And it hasn’t let up all that much today. One of the better things I’ve read this weekend on the subject of Sarah came from Newt Gingrich, by way of Bill Kristol writing in the Weekly Standard’s blog (“Kristol: Gingrich on the Power of Authenticity”). Here’s an excerpt:

In one sudden moment Friday, John McCain fundamentally changed American politics in a manner that transcends issues and details.

The great threat to the Obama-Biden ticket can be captured in one word: authenticity.

There is something unaffected and "unsophisticated" (in the Columbia, Princeton, Harvard and University of Chicago meanings of the word) about Governor Palin. She really was point guard of a state championship basketball team. She really is a competent hunter. She is a hockey mom. She has one son about to go to Iraq.

She has 13 years in elected office

By any practical standard she has done far more in the real world with much more spontaneity and practicality than Barack Obama. And there is something deeply real and courageous about John McCain ignoring most of his advisers and all of the "insider wisdom" to reach out to a younger woman whose greatest characteristic is undaunted courage and a willingness to clean out the corruption in her own party.

This is a moment of stunning authenticity versus a sad collapse on the part of the Obama campaign from " change you can count on" to politics as usual, as marked by Obama's choice of a senator first elected when Palin was 9 years old.

Jennifer Rubin noted that Gingrich’s e-mails are better than most books. And she’s right. Go read Kristol/Gingrich… if you haven’t already.

It’s amazing… no, not really… how the Left is tying itself in knots trying to discredit Palin while mocking McCain’s choice as the act of a desperate pol whose campaign is going down the tubes. They can only wish. Well, Hell. Let’s review, shall we? It’s admittedly biased, but Redstate has a good post (“Tale of the Tape: Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama”) comparing Palin to The One. Wanna guess who wins and who loses?


In other news… football season has begun! Yays! And there go my Saturdays from now until the end of November. It was just SO good to lay back yesterday and watch football ALL day. Even the weather cooperated, seeing as how it was better indoors than out. Which helps to mitigate the guilt, ya know. As if there were any…

About yesterday’s games: pretty predictable, except for Big Blue (and ‘Bama, too). As for the Maize and Blue… I’m thinking they should skip the first game of the season and just go directly to the second game on the schedule. Last year it was Appalachian State, this year it was Utah. Not a good beginning for new head coach Rich Rodriguez. But Hey! Everything will be cool if he beats Ohio State, coz that’s pretty much all that counts in Ann Arbor. BIG “if,” that.

As for me… I’m waiting for next week to see how the The Domers fare on their first outing. This year doesn’t look to be as intense as it usually is… what with only two pre-season Top 25 teams on the schedule. But they should do better than last year. (He said, whistling and looking skyward…)


  1. RR and Michigan, beating "The" Ohio State University, in well Buck, if you're gonna dream, dream big!

    Even without Bennie Wells, the Bucks won't lose many this season, and especially not at home to Michigan.


  2. I kind of enjoy rainy, blustery days for the very reason you mentioned. It's an excuse to stay inside and watch football without guilt!

    Yay for football! Now if we can only convince the local stations that the season has indeed started and so they no longer need to be broadcasting infomercials.

  3. I love college football! But right now I am REALLY LOVING the political scene and how the entrance of Gov. Sarah Palin has changed things in the past two days. What a shake-up Sen. McCain pulled off.

    I recommend the post at RedState which Buck has referred to. You will be astounded when you see a side by side comparison of the experience of Gov. Palin and the Messiah!!!

  4. Football season! Get out the books and the crocheting!

    Gov. Palin has certainly livened things up. McCain proves that he is not just talking "change," but that he means it.

  5. Pat: Stranger things have happened, ya know. The great thing about The Game is its unpredictability. But it'll be quite the long shot for Big Blue this year.

    Becky: I feel for ya where your local stations are concerned. That sucks.

    Sharon: McCain kinda-sorta re-energized me with his pick. I'm interested in the election again.

    Lou sez: Football season! Get out the books and the crocheting!

    Hunh? Oh... OK. I see. That's a girl-thing. Unless your name is "Becky." ;-)

  6. Buck sez: Hunh? Oh... OK. I see. That's a girl-thing. Unless your name is "Becky." ;-)

    *bats eyes innocently* I can't imagine what you mean by that.


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