Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I upgraded Firefox to v 3.0 today and now all my fonts, spacing, and such appear to be totally hosed in the blog. This is NOT good, to state the obvious. Then again, I opened the blog in IE and things are still f*cked up. Which means Blogger changed something. And I'll be damned if I'll go back and sanitize 1,694 posts just to make the fonts, paragraphs, and spacing line up like they used to.



  1. I did too. Not sure if I like it yet. Bye the way, just to bring some amusement to your lonely exile life you should know that 14 airmen ( 13 male, 1 female) were arrested last week in Alabama on interstate 10 for doing in excess of 145 mph on their mo'cycles while going to a charity event in Mobile. Some from Hurlburt and some from Eglin.Their Kommanders were, shall we say, angry. The Alabama Highway Patrol who couldn't catch them until they set up a trap on the Mobile bridge said they were very nice young people as they were hauling them to the county jail. Thats sooo cool.

  2. I haven't upgraded and your blog looks messed up to me, too. It must be blogger. I'm off to check mine...

    (I really must be tired. I originally typed "your glob".)

  3. I'm with Becky. It's Blogger.

  4. Wow, Dan... about the bikers... that's quite the story! I hope none of those guys lose a stripe over that. The fines and hits on their insurance should be more than enough punishment, but in Today's Air Force? Probably not.

    Ash and Becky: Yeah, it's probably Blogger. Not "probably," most definitely. And to say I'm p!ssed is your understatement of the day.

  5. I hate computers, I hate Blogger....but what you gonna do? And I'm not touching Firefox v 3.0 or whatever with a 10 foot pole...too chicken.

  6. I've had no problems with my Firefox upgrade. And I don't see anything wrong with your blog. Is it ME?

  7. Looks ok to me too....
    and blogger did break my blog when they shut it down...

  8. I don't see anything wrong either - they eyes are the first to go...You know me, I'm not a neat-freak or a stickler for perfection. It's all good.

  9. Pat: I hear ya, Bud. But you really should try Firefox... it's head and shoulders over IE and much, much safer.

    Christina, Cynthia, and Lou: You ladies are most kind... but the formatting really IS screwed up, and mightily, at that. I'm still puzzling this out, but I noticed I'm now getting HTML errors whenever I paste anything into Blogger from Word -- errors that previously didn't happen. As Dylan sang:

    Because something is happening here
    But you don't know what it is
    Do you, Mister Jones?

    Yep. That's me: clue free. In this space, anyway.


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