Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yet Another Purloined Vid...

... this time from Phlegmmy. Here's “Western Spaghetti.” You might wanna jot down the recipe for your next soirée.

I particularly like the post-its butter. Pretty cool, eh?

If it seems like I’m incapable of creating content of my own of late, you’re more right than wrong. I may be back later with (as Jim sez) “more better stuff.”


  1. That video is REALLY clever!

  2. Aw, Buck, thanks for the mini-shoutout!

    Cool vid, by the way.

  3. How cool was that! Reminded me of the old Gumby and Pokey shows I watched when I was little.

  4. Ah, ya beat me to this one. I actually came across the "roof sex" one as a jump off this one.

    I'm thinking the cooking oil effect probably took the longest. Well worth the effort though, that's my favorite in this video.

    But check out the human skateboard.

  5. Thanks all y'all. Whoever these PES people are, they sure do good work!

    The human skateboard is interesting, Morgan, but doesn't top "spaghetti," IMHO.

    re: "Roof Sex." Didja notice I only got two comments on that post? Wonder why that is? The animation was spectacular, as were the sound effects (ahem). Must be the subject matter... ;-)

  6. Okay okay okay. I watched the roof sex video. How can TWO CHAIRS having sex make someone blush...but it did!

  7. You blushed? How interesting! But... but... didja laugh, Sharon? I thought the old lady swatting the cat at the end was simply priceless! THAT got a guffaw out of me!

  8. Oh yeah! I howled! It was GREAT! I loved the cat part too. hahahaha....

  9. Ah... I'm glad you laughed... seriously!


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