Monday, July 14, 2008

Taking a Break...

... from my busy day to go outside and sit under the awning in a rainstorm.

The view from under the awning.

Another view - that gray lump in the foreground is Miss Zukiko

This might seem oh-so-mundane to you, Gentle Reader, but let me assure you: it's NOT. It usually rains sideways here on the High Plains of New Mexico, which is to say our rain is almost ALWAYS accompanied by high winds. Not so today... the rain came straight down, at least at the beginning of the storm. There was no wind to speak of, and so my awning remained in the down position and I was able to sit outside with a cigar and a beer and enjoy the front end of the storm. That lasted all of about 15 minutes, until such time as the wind arrived and drove me inside.

Here's one of the first pics I took when I got outside:

You can plainly see that my sitting position is right on the edge of getting wet. And I DID get wet, once the wind came up. But it sure was nice while it lasted. There's something that's just so very clean and peaceful about sitting out in the rain... the air is fresh and cool, and the rain seems to wash away all but the most persistent of bad thoughts. In my case, anyway. YMMV.

And speaking of rain... we've had a lot of it (relatively speaking) the last three days. That's a Great Good Thing, Gentle Reader.


  1. After Saturday night's rain, Sunday was sunny and breezy....after my 6 hour umpire gig, I downed at least a handful of brews and 2 cigars.....

    The spice of life.

  2. My family left Tempe when I was six, but I can still remember the metallic smell of the desert air right before one of those summer floods. Water through the streets, covering up my tiny bare feet halfway up to my knees.

    I do not recall whipping wind or sideways rain, though. AZ is just as flat as NM, so I'm sure it happened. But for 36 years now, sack-o-tomatoes California is as close as I've gotten to the desert country. Should fix that someday.

  3. None here today (yet), except for a bit on some of the farm. But what we have gotten in the last week is MOST welcome and I'm grateful for it! I love sitting outside during a storm, even if I get wet.

  4. Pat: Cigars and beer: the best parts of MY life, at this point, anyway. Lord knows I DO love 'em!

    Morgan: One of THE most memorable rain storms in my entire life was spent under the overhang of the Davis-Monthan AFB (Tucson) BOQ in the company of a very lovely woman. We sat out there and watched it rain for literally hours, smoking, drinking beer, and taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of a perfectly brilliant late night/early morning desert thunder-boomer. Today wasn't like that at all, but your comment dredged up memories of that night. Thanks for that!

    And should you decide to venture out of Sacto at some point in the future, I've got a whole GAGGLE of beers in the fridge with your name on 'em.

    Jenny: We got about a half-hour's worth of rain, all told. But it's still threatening outside... so keep your hopes up!

  5. I love the rain!

    Nice feet Buck ;)

  6. i saw your piggies! Agreed nothin like sittin under a good soft's just cleansing.

    Here's one if you didn't catch it on the same thing...

    sorry, its late and i'm lazy.

  7. Desert rain is pretty wonderful. We have had several rains here lately too, which makes July much more bearable, and helps the hay fields.

    The toes threw me for a minute - I have a bit of a foot fetish.

  8. Yep and even your piggies look happy for the rain :) I'm so glad your feeling refreshed and real thankful for the rain too.

  9. Buck, haven't been around for a while. Lin's loss affected us mightily. Sorry. As for that "rain" pattern at your feet: Were you standing erect?
    Hmmmmmm. Lots of beer can do that, you know.

  10. Jay: Thanks for SWG link. I'm a lil bit different: the thought of stripping down and doin' a lil Happy Dance in the rain never occurred to me. Quite the opposite, in fact. I took great pains to stay dry, mainly for the camera's sake.

    Ash: (about the feet) Thank ya, M'Dear!

    Lou: Desert rain IS wonderful! And one of the reasons is probably because we don't get a lot of it, although we got even more last night. Makes for GREAT sleeping in an RV! And... foot fetish? ;-)

    Dawn: Thanks to you, too, Ma'am!

    Cat: Lin's loss threw me, too. That may sound strange, as I've never physically met the woman. But I I've come to know her pretty well through her blog and the lengthy e-mail exchanges we've had. A catastrophe of this proportion, and at such an early age, makes one stop and think. A lot.

    As for your question: Nope, I was sitting down...and hadn't even started on the beer (at that particular moment).


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