Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random Notes

OK, I’ll admit it…they ARE cute. At times. Here’s nearly four minutes of cat-cuteness:
See, Gentle Reader? I may not like cats, but I CAN appreciate them in situations like this. As long as they stay in other people’s houses.
Life intruded on blogging yet again today, helped in no small part by the fact I didn’t roll my tired ass out of bed until after 1100 hrs. Well, that’s not entirely true… I got up at 1030 to light off the coffee pot. But I went right back to bed for another forty winks until such time as the coffee pot was done doing its magic. I poured that first cup, answered the overnight mail, and hit a couple of my daily reads while the caffeine oozed into my system. I swear to The Diety At Hand that I can actually feel myself getting mentally sharper as that happens…almost on a minute-to-minute basis. Or as sharp as I ever get, anyway. (coffee cup neon sculpture available here)
I had to cut the morning routine short, however. I poured my second cup, drank half of it and then hit the shower. I finished that second cup while getting dressed and then was out the door and off to my appointment with Dr. Thompson. It’s always such fun to go visit with Dr. Thompson and staff…and I mean that seriously. Everyone (and I DO mean everyone) in the office is so very friendly, the doctor’s two youngest children are playing quietly around about the place (while being oh-so-cute), and the idle banter back and forth between all concerned is just very pleasant. Quite unlike any other dentist’s office I’ve ever been in, anywhere.
Today’s appointment was for a follow-on MRI, which was done expeditiously and professionally. I continue to be amazed at the level of technology employed by dentists these days, and the MRI machine is just one example. Dr. Thompson’s technician and I spent a few minutes reviewing the images after the process was complete and she took the time to explain to me exactly what we were looking at. As I said, amazing stuff! And then I was gone… in and out in about half an hour, all told.
I ran out to the base after leaving Dr. Thompson’s place to do a little light shopping (beer-run!) and to pick up a scrip at the base pharmacy. The folks at the Class VI store are beginning to irritate me… they’ve been out of Trippel for well over two weeks now and I bought their last sixer of 1554 today, as well. Apropos of nothing, you should chase that “1554” link, Gentle Reader. There’s quite a story behind this beer, which is better than good… it’s excellent. Not quite the “beer of choice” these days (Fat Tire remains King at El Casa Móvil De Pennington), but good enough that I drink at least six a week.
The line at the Class VI was pretty long, so I struck up a conversation with a captain in a flight suit who was in line in front of me. He remarked on my “USS Monterey” hat, saying the Navy has done a good job of updating their organizational ball caps. I agreed, we chatted a bit about the Navy (his father was Navy), and then I asked if he flew C-130s. “No,” sez he, “I’m a Predator pilot.” “Wow!” sez I… “You’re the first Predator pilot I’ve ever met!” I told him I’d read Pred-pilots are having a hard time of it these days, what with the stress, pressure, and all. He waved it off, saying he really enjoyed his job and the things one reads about Predator pilots these days are exaggerated. By that time he had paid for his two cases of Mountain Dew (no stress, eh?) and we said our good-byes. One can learn a lot in a three-minute checkout line conversation, Gentle Reader.
So. Back home. It’s nearly 1600 hrs as I finish this and I’ve yet to make the rounds. Guess I better get started, eh?


  1. Sounds like you had quite the day! The cats very cute. I wonder why most guys say they hate them, if one comes to live with them though it's not long before you walk into a room and see the big strong cat hater cuddling it and calling it his baby! No we don't have a cat but I have seen this lots!

  2. Wow, I can't believe Dr. Thompson's baby is big enough to be crawling/running around. Wow!

    Glad it was a productive day at any rate. I spent all day right next door to you. Cheer camp at the arena. whoohoo!

  3. I'll second that nomination on the 1554...i picked some up immediately on entrance to CO, and will be taking a couple or 4 sixers back to the windswept plain on Sat. when we exit. Its not just good...but then coming from New Belgium...what isn't?

    oh... and maybe summa this

  4. I liked the cat video, and showed it to Ashley while she was at art.

    Visiting with the young Air Force captain sounds interesting, and a pilot to boot! Was he married?


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