Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Brief Comment on the FISA Deal... and Color!

The first sentence of this op-ed (“The Intelligence Deal”) in yesterday’s WSJ is right on the money:

The best news about yesterday's White House-Democrat deal on overseas eavesdropping is that the ACLU and the anti-antiterror Internet mob are apoplectic. This can only be good for U.S. national security. Too bad the compromise also comes at the cost of a further erosion of Presidential war powers.

The deal would extend the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to cover eavesdropping on terrorist communications overseas. A six-month extension – the Protect America Act – expired earlier this year and surveillance authorization on al Qaeda targets will start to expire in August. The new deal – assuming it isn't defeated by liberals on the House floor – would last for six years. It is thus a gift to the next President, who won't have to spend capital battling those who think that letting our spooks read al Qaeda's email inevitably means that Dick Cheney is bugging your bedroom.

The moonbats are literally wetting their pants over this… while ignoring the stuff that “benefits” their side (read as: hamstrings, to a limited extent, monitoring efficacy)…and none more so than that idiot Glen Greenwald.

This scandal began by revelations that the President broke the law -- committed felonies -- when spying on our calls and emails without warrants, because he believes he has the power to break the law. The scandal all but concluded yesterday, with the Democratic Congress (a) protecting the President, (b) permanently blocking the lawsuits which would have revealed what he did and would have ruled that he broke the law, and (c) legalizing the very illegal spying regime that he secretly ordered in 2001. Only in the twisted world of Washington can that be described as a "compromise."

Note my highlights. There’s more BDS on display in Greenwald’s rant, as in Bush “committed felonies,” than cold hard facts. But the rich part? Those were “our” calls and e-mails that the gub’mint was monitoring and/or recording, not the calls and e-mails of frickin’ terrorists. I dunno about you, Greenwald, but I’m not in the habit of phoning up or e-mailing AQI, Hamas, Hezbollah, or any others of their ilk.

There’s some good news in all this leftist gnashing and thrashing, though. I read LOTS of comments to the effect of “I’ll never vote for these Democrats again! I’m going Green/Libertarian/Whatevah…” There’s a lot of Rage Against the (Dem) Machine out there (and a lot of it is illiterate, too… such as this, posted as found).

Well that tear’s it, Obama is 3 strike’s your out in my book..First he’s for the continuing war. back’s Israel all the way and now the fisa bill..No way will my vote go there..Remember when I said there wasen’t a dime’s worth of diffrence between him and Hillery…Atleast with her and I wasent for her BTW but with her we would of got a twofer..Her and old Bill..Ha!

I’m gonna go with write in’s and the green party..Kucinich is still my guy…..No more Dem’s except the handful of good one’s…Gonna go be a puppy now, anything I don’t like gonna piss on it…Blessings

Good. I hope you and your comrades-in-arms put your money where your mouth is. That’s all I ask.


Today’s Pics are, predictably, of another of Mr. Dalley’s windmills. This particularly colorful example must have come from one of those “New Age” farms I’ve read about. Who else woulda thunk of a tie-dye-inspired color scheme? I'll bet this thing was simply mesmerizing in a stiff breeze... Psychedelic, Maaan! But it's pretty danged cool, too. I must have some hippie left in me…


  1. MMMM, love the windmill. Far out, man!

  2. Too bad it was not turning.

  3. Huh. Never would have even considered putting a windmill almost at ground level. Interesting.

  4. Pretty colorful, eh? I'm pretty sure the fan (dunno what the real term might be) of this windmill is mounted strictly for display purposes. If you look closely you'll note the fan has been immobilized with clothesline or something like it. It can't turn.


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