Friday, June 20, 2008

Après le Déluge

We got a lil rain last night, finally. It rained pretty violently for about ten minutes, 15 at the most, but it was enough to leave some good sized puddles all over Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park this morning. We also got some penny-sized hail in the bargain, along with the usual, customary and (un)reasonable wind. I stepped outside after the worst of it had passed (around 1945 hrs or so) and snapped some pics. Here are a few…

These ain’t mammatus clouds, but they sure look like they wanna be. This was taken from behind El Casa Móvil De Pennington, looking NNW.

The view looking ESE.

And the view looking SSW.


  1. Those are beautiful shots. Crazy weather always makes for great pictures.

  2. Yesterdays clouds looked really strange after that storm came thru. Are you getting used to your new camera yet?

  3. Nice pictures and I think the same thing about that team, they are young , Sid the Kid is from N.S where I lived for the first 30 years till I moved here to KS

  4. Thanks, Amy. I appreciate that!

    Jenny: Yes... I AM getting used to the new camera. I'm back to my original position: the learning curve ain't so steep, after all.

    The wind was really whipping around last evening when i went out and took these pics. Blew my hat off twice before I just took the danged thing off and stuffed it in my pocket. Pretty wild weather... but what's new, eh?

    Jenn: Thank you, too, Madame! About Sid the Kid: I wondered if all the hype was "real" until the first time I saw him play, and then I came away VERY impressed. The guy is everything he's been made out to be AND a bag o' chips!

  5. Great pics, Buck! Glad to hear somebody got a little rain. Mother Nature has been teasing us all day with threats of rain but not one drop has fallen.

  6. Yea for the rain and the photo's are really pretty!

  7. Thank you, Ladies.

    We got a lil more rain very early this morning, Sharon. I hope you guys finally got some, too.


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