Tuesday, April 22, 2008


...from the comments to the front page:

As promised, you are now a character in the stupidest play ever written. Well, actually, I didn't promise to make you a character in the stupidest play ever written, but that's how it turned out. Come see for yourself...

That's Jim talking. Do go. In addition to being entertained (highly entertained!), you’ll probably see some folks you know from the neighborhood in addition to YrHmblScrb. Who, methinks, delivers his lines quite well. (he said, modestly)


  1. The Horror...The Horror!

    My friend wrote a similar play back when we were in college. Several of us were in the library talking, and Susan was just writing down random phrases of what we said. In a bizarre sort of way, it all made sense.

  2. Thanks for the link-love, Buck. Glad I had your lines to work with. My job was much easier.

  3. That was good, wasn't it, Becky? I wish I had some semblance of talent, like Jim and your friend.

    Jim: You're TOO kind, Bud! The credit is all yours, M'Friend!


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