Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well, I Was Gonna Go Do Laundry...

...but I think I'll wait. There's BIG ol' lazy flakes drifting down outside at the moment. It's pretty neat watching this stuff come down and turn the world all white and pretty and clean and such, sitting inside where it's warm and cozy... with a nice hot cup of coffee spiced up with a wee dram of Scotland's Finest.

Looks like it's gonna be a pretty good day, all things considered. The laundry can wait.


  1. How often does it snow in your part of New Mexico? I would have thought that was a VERY rare occurrence in your neck of the woods.

  2. Not rare at all, Jim. We get at least one good snowfall per year, sometimes more. Last year was pretty bad...I got stuck in my driveway for the better part of a week. It's the altitude... we're just over 4K feet above sea-level... that and the all that moisture that blows up from the Gulf. The combination of altitude, an errant, south-swinging jet stream, and Gulf moisture makes for snow...and sometimes a lot of it, too.

  3. Snow! I miss the snow. It looks cold though. Keep Warm!

  4. I think Pville got more than we did here at Floyd. Darn. We need a good snow. Any moisture at all I'll take. I like being trapped in the house with a roaring fire going and lots of hot chocolate.

    snowstorm of 1997: we had so much ice then snow that it collapsed our hay barn. All that held it up was the hay still under it.

  5. Well, see, I had no idea about the altitude. I'm from New England, and we all think of the Southwest as flat desert :-)

  6. Jenny: What you see in the pics is about all we got. I turned on the WX Channel when I came back in after taking these shots and saw we were the recipients of a strong yet passing flurry. And that was the way it was...all day. Just light flurries.

    Ashley: It IS pretty danged cold... I'll give you that! 26 degrees when I got up today. Winter is beginning to get old. Already.

    Jim: Little known NM fact... the lowest point in the state is 2,842 ft above sea level. So... New Mexicans are all pretty high. ;-)


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