Thursday, January 31, 2008

Incentives, Please

So. Above is a screen shot of an e-mail I received from the Giuliani campaign last evening…click for larger to read. The most interesting bit, of course, is the plea for me to support John McCain. And I probably will after I’ve given this a little more thought. I’m of the opinion we’ll probably know who the presumptive Republican nominee will be after Super-Duper Tuesday’s results are in.

In the mean time note the “This space For Rent” notice in my sidebar… my support IS available. I’d even consider supporting someone other than a Republican, if the incentives were right. For those of you too clue-impaired to read between the lines: Every man has his price and I can be bought. Think: money, drugs, and sex. Preferably all three, and my required incentives aren’t necessarily listed in order of importance. Be creative.

(Note to Hillary: While “every man has his price” is most certainly true, my price would be substantial in your case. The requisite money would far exceed what you have budgeted for advertising in all media, there’s no room for a semi-trailer full of useful substances on my lot, and just don’t go there where the third incentive is concerned. Unless you intend to offer up some nubile staffer, of course. I’ll remain “open minded” on that count, and others, as well. Assuming you can find a safe and accessible place to park that semi-trailer.)


  1. I knew it!! Every man has his price! But I thought the way to a man's heart (or allegience) was thru his stomache? No? Well, ok.

  2. Hmmmmm. Becoming a political blogwhore. It has definite possibilities. I mean, I'm a Ron Paul guy, but he certainly isn't going to get the nomination, so I may as well make a buck. Once you sell off your space, send 'em my way, too, OK?

  3. Hum, I think it would take more than that to endorse Hillary. Like 3 nubile staffers , two trailer loads and more money than she has. ;)

  4. Hi Buck -

    I will NOT be voting for McCain.

    Conservatives need to act now before it is too late

    And about that dishonest attack on Mitt Romney for supposedly wanting to set benchmarks (NOT what he said at all)? Here's McCain last year:
    McCain considers setting benchmarks for Iraqis

    Sorry, but I'm feeling a bit hot under the collar these days about the nastiness of McCain and his buddy Hillary.

  5. Now that Fred AND Rudy are out, my loyalties are leaning towards Mitt. We shall see - pundits are starting to say brokered convention. Which could be much worse than what we have now.

    As the Chinese curse says, may you live in interesting times. I'd say - we are there.

  6. Bless you Bec. I agree with you 100%. This week has felt like a nightmare.

  7. so...if all the semi-legitimate contenders can bow out...why can't i?

  8. I'm just dismayed and disappointed about the whole election in general, already. *Harumph*

  9. Jenny sez: But I thought the way to a man's heart (or allegience) was thru his stomache? No? Well, ok.

    You're confusing love and bid'niz, Jenny. And this is ALL about bid'niz. :-)

    Jim sez: Once you sell off your space, send 'em my way, too, OK?

    Done, Jim. But you, like me, may be waiting a while...

    Ashley sez: Like 3 nubile staffers , two trailer loads and more money than she has. ;)

    Hmmm. Do I sense a bidding war beginning here?

    Bec sez: I will NOT be voting for McCain.

    I assume you mean you're not voting for McCain in the CA primary, right?

    Something's wonky with either the 'net or my connection to it today. I can't get the AZ Star link to open, but I did read the NRO piece, Bec. I'm semi-amazed at all the vitriol aimed at McCain, but I suppose I shouldn't be. Coz this IS politics and politics is both emotional (for most people) and downright dirty (for a few).

    Regarding the McCain - Romney dust-up... McCain went too far with his accusations about Romney supporting "withdrawal," but Romney, on the other hand, was hedging his bets when the statements in question were made. I like Charles Krauthammer's analysis of this flap, which is a bit too long for a comment section. See Krauthammer, here.

    Sharon, Jay, and Phlegmmy: Noted! ;-)


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