Tuesday, January 29, 2008


After tonight I’m thinking I should put a “This Space For Rent” sign in my sidebar where the “Rudy” logo sits at the moment. Speculation is Rudy will drop out before the end of the week and will deliver an endorsement for either McCain or Romney. Rumor has it he’ll endorse McCain. I hope so.

Well, now. I have a fairly tough decision to make. Should I begin drinking heavily, or have just one more and go to bed?

What did you FredHeads do? I won't ask the Ron Paul folks, because their suggestions might prove to be both physically and anatomically impossible. Besides that, they're all “bitter end” sorts and will probably still be campaigning come the second week of November.


On the good news reading front… Blog-buddy Morgan lost a great good friend this past week. But she had a long, happy, and productive life…expiring at exactly the 341,092.4 mile mark. And Morgan was the only man she ever loved. Read the story here. It’s a remarkable tale.


  1. As a Fredhead, I worried, but then thanked the Founding Fathers for checks and balances. You hope Mayor Giuliani endorses Senator McCain? I'm shallow right now, and never particularly deep. But why? I hope I at best eat my words someday.

    Ultimately, freedom will bump into opressive politicians, judge as damage and route around them.

    (That's my little restatement of part of the preamble, the part about inalienable rights.)

    Just this moment, word that Rudy will endorse McCain. Your hope was fruitful.

    Morgan's essay was just swell, like you said. Fine girl, that Bessie.

  2. I really don't know. I was a FredHead. I am pretty unenthused about the remainder of the field. Protect the second amendment and go after Al Queda. Finish our commitments to the people of Iraq & Afghanistan.

    I'm fairly sure that the rest of the field (excluding Ron Paul once you get past the second amendment bit) ... will do those things.

    Romney or McCain? I see stuff I like and stuff I don't like about both of them. I can live with either of them.

    We really ought to consider ... who has the best chance of beating Hillary or Obama?

  3. This FredHead is waiting it out for now.

  4. You know I am not very political, and certainly have no scientific reasoning for my views. Anything I say or think is just MHO gathered from living in Bible Belt rural OK and common sense. I have never been a big McCain fan thinking him too much like a Democrat for my taste, but neither am I a big fan of any of the other candidates. I kind of like Huckabee, but I don’t think he can pull in all the Republican voters needed to beat the Democrats. I think that McCain is the man who can win – who can beat Hillary or Obama – if the Republicans come together on this. I don’t think the Democrats are all that thrilled with their choices either. Many of your older southern folks do not want to vote for a woman or a black man (no offense; just sayin’ it like is). Some are just not too sure about a young whipper-snapper like Obama with little experience, his lack of patriotism, and his views on the war (and some still think he is a Muslim at heart). Hillary just does not have what it takes to pull in the older, slightly conservative Democrats. McCain may be the only moderate candidate that can pull over those Democrats who choose not to vote for their party. My mom says Romney is “just too pretty” and he is Mormon. As of this morning, Giuliani has dropped out of the race, but he didn’t really have a chance - he came across as an arrogant Yankee who left his wife for his mistress. You can argue all of that, but that is how older Southern ladies and some gents see him.

    That brings us back to McCain. For all of us who want to see things happen in Washington, like the two parties working together for the benefit of the people, McCain has the experience of crossing the party line, he has the political experience to work well with Congress, and his views on the war are more to my liking. So he may not be perfect, but he may be the best choice IMHO, and he is certainly better than voting for Hillary or Obama.

  5. Lou: ALL of your points are well-taken, as a matter of fact your entire comment was well said.

    I certainly didn't take offense at anything you said, on the contrary. I know there are lots of folks who feel that way... not only older Southern ladies and gentlemen, but quite a few younger people as well... and not just in the South, either. Those younger folks are more than likely the offspring of the people you're thinking of... it's the values thing, and the attitudes and beliefs we grow up with. Lotsa clichés apply here... "Like father, like son," and so on.

    Bottom line: You and I are on the very same page... Hell, the same paragraph!

    Reese and Phil: We seem to be on the same page, as well. As for why I wanted Giuliani to endorse McCain: there are only two other real options, and I don't like either. As Phil notes, I could live with either Romney or McCain, but I don't particularly like Romney. His current positions on a number of issues have changed fairly recently... and these 180-degree changes seems to demonstrate a lack of values and a willingness to say or do whatever is necessary to achieve a personal goal. One can (and a lot of folks DO) say the same about McCain.

    Jenny: "Wait and see" is pretty danged good advice at this point!! Thanks for that.

  6. Thanks for the link, Buck.

    The mechanics that are in the "project car" market have poked and probed, and the issue that continues to come up is what difficulty will be involved in acquiring an engine.

    I bought a $100 gift receipt at Crutchfield as an enticement, since the backlighting on the AM/FM radio quit back in '92. It's a drop in the bucket next to the $2000 that would be needed for the engine. Not there so much to offset costs, as to help ignite some dreams about the possibilities. To take her off my hands, nothing is needed. Just provide the towing, a gentleman's agreement to store-or-restore, take the Crutchfield's coupon, smile and say thank you.

    Just a little effort to keep her from being pieced out in a scrapyard. I think she's got it coming.

    I was looking forward to the day you'd have to scuttle your "Rudy" logo just as I've had to rip down my "Fred" pic. Nevertheless, it is a harbinger of disaster when one looks at the big picture -- not who exactly is forced to leave the race, but what kind of candidate is being dropped the fastest. It says bad, bad things about what kind of candidate is being left in.

    Basically, we're demanding that candidates lie to us. And not even bothering to pretend otherwise.

    Didn't Fleetwood Mac write something about this?

  7. I just read that Giuliani dropped out out of the race. But he did endorse McCain so it is not the end of the world as you know it ;) The presidential elections are gong to be very interesting this year.

  8. Morgan: That's pretty cool what you've done for Bessie.

    re: Fleetwood Mac. This one? or this one? Nah. You probably mean this.


    Ashley: Interesting ain't the half of it, Girl! I don't think I've ever seen a presidential election like this one in my lifetime... and I've been around the block a couple of times.

  9. It is better to have loved and lost...


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