Friday, November 16, 2007

Thinkin' 'Bout My Baby...

The day I bought her: 10/14/2000. Oakland Hills, CA.

Why I like love the Green Hornet:

I love the intro to this clip, particularly where the host goes on for a bit about the Miata’s reputation for being “a hairdresser’s car.” Interesting how some things are the same on both sides of the pond, coz the Miata has the same book here as well. It’s kinda weird looking at a right hand drive Miata…but not really, considering it is a Japanese car and the Nihonjin drive on the “proper” side of the road, too. There are also a few British colloquialisms in the vid that might leave some of you scratching your head…like when the host sez “the hood can be raised from the driver’s seat, but only if you’ve had your Weetabix this morning.” Our man is talking about the car’s top… not the hood… and Weetabix is a cereal. Other than that, nearly everything mentioned in this clip is true. Well, except for one thing: Miatas driven in the dry Southwest just don’t have rust. At all.

Still and even…I’ve been thinking about one of these for well over a year now:

I think I’d look pretty good in a Road-a-stah, especially one with a hard-toppu. The US model, as shown, goes for about $29K out the door. And therein lies the of the best things about my current Miata is the fact she's all mine. And life without a car payment is good!

OTOH, nothing lasts forever...


  1. That's alot for a little ol' car. A few thousand more and you can get a pickup that you can work out of, instead of just something to look cute in. LOL!

  2. A few thousand more and you can get a pickup that you can work out of, instead of just something to look cute in.

    Hmmm. Where to begin? (Note: I know you're being facetious, right?)

    Work? I'm going to buy a vehicle to support an activity I'm no longer engaged in? And a vehicle of a type that I don't especially like, even to the point of active DIS-like? (Ask SN1 how I feel about trucks...)

    And..."look cute in?" Oh, Jenny! It's never about cute...ever! It's about going around corners, stopping and starting on the proverbial dime, hanging the ass-end out when you can, and going fast! Cars are not utilitarian objects for me at this point in life (if they ever were), they're toys. If I want utility I'll rent it! ;-)

  3. LOL!! Yes, of course I was kiddin' with ya. If I had a life in which I didn't work out of a vehicle to do various farm chores, hauling trailers and bags of cement and feed and such, but used the vehicle to go to a real job, or just to have fun (and if I didn't love pickups so much), I would pick me out a fancy little car (I'm thinking Mustangs or a late 70s/80s Corvette Stingray).

    Ah, but I love pickups and would have one no matter what my job or lifestyle. I am really fond of my '02 Ford diesel. It fits all my kids, it's paid for, and it is BAD ASS. It's something my mother doesn't understand. LOL! And besides, I think I look pretty good in it myself.

    OTOH, the P-ville Chevy store just called, my suburban is out of the shop. That is my utility vehicle. More room for the kids, room for the groceries. But it ain't my pickup. Though it does have heated seats...


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