Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Change Is Gonna Come...

Well, now. This looks something like a “radical change,” nu?

There’s enough “Northerner” left in me…or maybe I should say “kid”…to look upon the chance of snow favorably, especially around the holidays. I always loved the first snowfall of the year…when things seem so clean and bright, when the earth is enveloped in a hush that only a substantial amount of snow on the ground can deliver, the beauty of frost-encrusted trees, and all that.

Which all passed away the very instant I had to get out and drive in that krep. Or scrape a windshield. Or shovel a walk. That’s when the Caribbean began to look really good…


  1. I know it's crazy, but I love winter. Course, I've lived in New England all my life. But it's a magical time and I don't even mind the shoveling and scraping. Goes with the territory I guess.

    And it snowed here today for the first time this season. Just a dusting, but it's been cold enough for the past several days that it's sticking, at least for today.

    True to New England, if you don't like the weather wait a minute. That minute will come in the next 48 hours. By Thanksgiving Day it will be nearly 60 degrees. Ick.

  2. Come on, Buck! Driving in it is FUN! It's all the other idiots on the road that make it miserable. LOL!

    To me, Thanksgiving is still fall. No snow, and barely cool enough to need a sweatshirt. Christmas is when there should be snow. I don't think this little storm will amount to much, but I'll be glad to take any precip we can get.

  3. In west Ohio it's 65 today, but snow for the trip to Wisconsin on Thursday morning....now that's a change, but expected this time of year.....Happy Thanksgiving Buck!

  4. It got up nearly to 80 here today. It is supposed to cool off though, only reaching the upper 50s to lower 60s Thanksgiving day. As for snow, there is enough Southerner in me to wonder if it will snow this year. At all. Even tiny flakes that don't stick cause us all to dash to the store to buy bread, bottled water, and batteries.

    I love winter, too. Maybe because it is as rare as diamonds around here. Heck, I don't even own a coat. No need for one.

  5. We hit a blamy 33 degrees today - no sign of the white stuff (except in the mountains)

    I'm with you - love to look at the first snow fall - hate to be an adult in it!!! But, if it is going to be this cold, it should snow!

  6. Kris sez: I know it's crazy, but I love winter.

    Ah, Kris. You're on your way to recovery. As we ALL know, the first step is acknowledging you have a problem... ;-)

    Jenny sez: It's all the other idiots on the road that make it miserable. LOL!

    You must have heard the same joke as I have, the one that goes "Those people driving slower than you are really frickin' stupid, but all those people driving faster than you? They're crazy!

    I'm with you on Thanksgiving weather, too...

    Pat: You're still gonna make the drive with your back the way it is? Take it slow, Bud...and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Becky sez: Even tiny flakes that don't stick cause us all to dash to the store to buy bread, bottled water, and batteries.

    I've been in Mississippi when it snows (Biloxi: winter of '64, six inches of snow) and I know ALL about how crazy all y'all can get in the white stuff. Biloxi was shut down, literally, "for the duration." Which, Thank God, was only a day or two.

    FG: Dang, Girl!! That's cold! I agree: if it's gonna be that cold, you deserve some snow! (Once.)

  7. We just got the cold stuff yesterday and today was not pleasant either. Will probably drop to 10 degrees here tonight, another good test for the plumbing. Oh joy.


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