Friday, October 26, 2007


I’m not much on art critics or art criticism in general, but my eyes were drawn to this article in today’s NYT: Seurat, Drawing His Way to the Grande Jatte. The reason I was drawn (ahem) to the article is fairly simple: Seurat is my favorite Post-Impressionist. I have spent literally hours (on numerous occasions) seated in front of The Bathers at Asnieres (below), which occupies one entire wall in London’s National Gallery. The painting’s scale… it’s 7x11 feet… is absolutely mind-boggling and I was stunned the first time I saw it.

But, back to the Times article. It’s typical art criticism and as such may not be everyone’s cuppa. But even if you choose not to read the article, don’t miss “George Seurat: The Drawings,” a narrated multi-media slide show of Seurat's works currently on display at NY’s MoMA. That, Gentle Reader, is worth your time.

Every so often…like once in a Blue Moon… I find myself wishing I lived within driving distance of NYC. This is one such occasion.


  1. The internet makes it easy to not live near big cities... it isn't the same as a museum, but better than nothing!!!

  2. True, Flag Gazer...but the 'net can't deliver great restaurants. Yet. And that might be the thing I miss most about the city.

  3. Bars, too. Can't forget bars! ;-)

  4. Seurat fascinates me - from his dots to the compostition of his paintings.


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