Sunday, October 14, 2007

More Interesting Than Most

So, I was perusing Phlegmmy’s back pages and came across this… the only quiz I’ve ever taken with a question where "Richard Brautigan" is a possible answer… and here's the proof:

Who writes the most interesting stuff?
Danielle Steel
Walt Whitman
Stephen King
Richard Brautigan
It's a tie between Nietzche and myself.

If you’ve looked at my profile, Gentle Reader, you know Brautigan is one of my faves. (I’m not alone in this regard, either. Surprised?) Oh, that quiz would be this one:

You Are

Fool In The Rain

You are a very bizarre person, to say the least. You don't think the way most other people do. And you probably don't really care.

You defy convention, and probably really like burritos. And you're very content with your life. You're a ray of sunshine. Piercing, bizarre end-of-the-world sunshine, but sunshine nonetheless. While most people are going to college to be lawyers or accountants or something, you'd be just as happy working at Tippy's Taco Stand in San Dimas, CA.

You probably have a really interesting car. You definitely do not drive a Honda Civic. There's a good chance that you smoke weed. There's a good chance you sell it.

Everybody worth anything likes you a lot.

Take the Which Led Zeppelin Song Are You? Quiz

Well, now. Ahem. NO comment. Just a grin and a giggle manly laugh. Or three.


  1. Okay, Buck, since you brought it up first ... I've been thinking about a quote from Brautigan. It was one that a mutual friend of mine and the Katlady's used to bring up every so often (that silly bugger probably came as close to killing me in M/C related madness as anyone). He'd quote a passage from Brautigan wherein the guy was allegedly having a conversation with his very young daughter and saying something to the effect "one of us has to be the adult today and it's not going to be me". Do you remember the exact quote? I think I am coming into that phase and need accuracy.

    Phlegmmy's a rare gem, isn't she?

  2. I LOL at "You defy convention with your life, and probably like burritos" and continued to grin and lol.

  3. So, will I be seeing you working down at Taco Box in the near future? LOL! I'll keep my children away from you, you dope selling fool. hehehe.

  4. Lin: Here's the only reference I could find. And believe me...I looked!! You were pretty danged close!

    And yeah, you're absolutely right about Phlegmmy. The girl has a gift. Every once in a while you come across someone who's such a joy to read you don't want to stop. Thanks for pointing me her way!

    Lou: This thing was full of stuff that made me grin.

  5. Jenny sez: So, will I be seeing you working down at Taco Box in the near future?

    It's NOT out of the realm of possibility. ;-)

    Short, but related, digression: About a month after I decided to hang around here for a while I thought it would be nice/interesting/worthwhile to get a "not-shit" sort of job, just to kill time. That old Mom and Pop motel up the road from me had a sign hanging out front (as they do, from time to time) saying "now hiring." So I dropped in and inquired about the position of desk clerk. The woman had me fill out an application, so I did...on the spot. It took about four minutes. I handed it back to her, she glanced at it, and when she got to the "past employment/salary" section she looked up at me and said "I don't believe this...No one makes that kind of money!" So I walked out. You start as you intend to continue...

  6. THANKS, Buck! I really appreciate it. And it's nice to know that my memory isn't totally shot ... yet.

    Just sneaking in a little daylight generator time while Mark is 'up top' heh-heh-heh.

  7. I am "Tangerine". Among my many lovely and wistful qualities, there is this gem:

    People like to be around you because you are a calming influence. You have an appreciation for all things beautiful, and you probably have some potted plants.

    There was other stuff about cats, poetry, tea and Sundays.

    Yup, whatever. :-)

  8.'re welcome. Daytime generator time? Are you being a naughty girl? ;-)

    Kris...Well, you are a calming influence, are you not? I get that impression from your writings, and above all, your photography subjects. As for the rest of the stuff in these answers (the ones I've seen, anyway)...I'm with you. Meh.

  9. Yeah, us locals don't aspire to make much. LOL!

  10. Yeah, us locals don't aspire to make much. LOL!

    I think I'd trade all three of my retirement checks with any diary farmer's income, straight across. Just off the top of my head... ;-)

  11. Buck - the part about me be a calming influence (thank you for the compliment, btw) was a little more than ironic, since one of the quiz questions asked what kind of person I'm attracted to. Thinking of The Hubby, I selected "in the face of my insanity, someone who is a calming influence". Since I had confessed to having "insanity" the fact that overall it found me to be calming was amusing.

    That said - I do try to evoke and aura of calm around me - even if the unseen center is less calm and more storm...

  12. Cool! You're reading my stuff - neato!

    As for the Zep song - I was just a fool waiting on the wrong block. Figures.

  13. Gosh, I just read the comments, and thanks for saying such nice things, and I love y'all back. In fact, I was thinking the other day after Lin's comment on my blog that I need to get my beater off-road capable vehicle and pick up and move to the wilds of NM, where all the cool kids are.

  14. Kris sez: That said - I do try to evoke and aura of calm around me - even if the unseen center is less calm and more storm...

    I'm with you on that one. One of my cardinal rules back in the day was "don't screw around with my harmony and tranquility!" Just ask SN1...who lived with TSMP and I for a while back in that same day. He heard that all too often, methinks.

    Phlegmmy said: Cool! You're reading my stuff - neato!

    Reading is an understatement, Phlegmmy. I was worried you'd look at your Site Meter and think I was stalking you. Your early stuff is so, so good. As is your current stuff, too...don't get me wrong. But as I read your first year and a half's worth of output I found myself thinking "Why are there no comments? This girl is GOOD!"

    re: "where the cool kids are..." I was having the same sort of thoughts about Dallas. We don't have much sushi in these parts, ya know. ;-)

  15. no one was reading me back then, and I wasn't reading anyone else - had no blog roll, etc. I was just writing when the urge struck, and for therapeutic purposes. That's funny, though. I guess I should go back and look at that early stuff some time. It'll be like an anthropological dig on personal terms. *ugh* Well, in the future, perhaps.

  16. Yeah, Buck, I was being SOOO bad about daylight gen time. But it balances out since he loves to try to sneak ice cream without me noticing. I can hear the clank of a spoon on a bowl 400 yards away. Naughty is a sort of game we always indulge in - "Drats, you caught me this time, me bad. Will be stealthier next time".

    I am just so delighted that you and Phlegmmy hit it off. Just don't be discouraging her from moving out to our wilds, okay? I've been working on this big time. Are you going to link up with her? What's one more link if it is a really good one?

  17. Lin sez (among other things): Are you going to link up with her? What's one more link if it is a really good one?

    I added her to the roll tonight, but it could have been while you were here. I'm assuming that's what you mean! ;-)

    I'm pleased we hit it off, as well. I wasn't kidding when I said I was afraid Phlegmmy would think I was stalking her. It was a lot like when I first found your blog... I started reading and looked at my watch some time later and said "Wow! Have I really been here this long?" Time really does fly when you're having fun.

  18. You surely did do the link ... I prolly dyslected right past it in my excitement (I do this a lot lately).

  19. Well, I linked right back at ya. Honored. :)

    I love that firewall of China thingie. Crazy shit, eh?


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