Thursday, October 18, 2007

Minor Mystery

I’m still blocked in the PRC, according to The Great Firewall of China. So howcum I got a hit from there yesterday? (You can see one lonely visit from Chinaif you have the patience to wait while the “Are We Global Yet?” widget in the sidebar does its scroll thing.) Is this a case of “some animals are more equal than others?” Or is the Great Firewall site…um…wrong?

Enquiring minds wanna know.


  1. Buck:

    I have some reservations about the accuracy of greatfirewallofchina -- when I was up on the blogspot site I received similar results where it showed I was blocked yet I had hits from a number of spots in China., In fact, one of my articles, "The Problem With Debris - China's ASAT Test" is a permalink on a government website (!). Yet now that I'm up on my own domain, the site won't even work (get a "location undefined/can't open URL" alert), so I'd take what it says with a grain of salt (or two)...
    - SJS

  2. I remember you saying something to this effect the last time Lex put up a GFoC post, SJS, and was hoping to get comment from other folks with similar experiences. I think the "blogspot" domain may be what's blocked. Or, OTOH, I could be all wet!

    Thanks for dropping by!


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