Tuesday, October 30, 2007


OK..this is rich. Bud Light…the original moose-piss-in-a-bottle, the Clown Prince of Beers (an allusion to the “King of Beers” that Real Bud proclaims itself to be), that sorry excuse for beer (sorry, Erm. It is what it IS)…has the unmitigated gall to make fun of ND fans?
But. I have to admit it is sorta funny. But not coming from (ptui!) Bud Light.
(h/t: jCircadian…another member of Team Air Force)


  1. That made me laugh, but then I'm not a ND fan. Like Bud Light, I can take 'em or 'em. How did you put it on Becky's blog? An "agnostic"? That made me laught too.

  2. I thought it was funny, too! Agnostic? I'll have to go look that up. I don't remember it.

  3. For the record...

    Erm has switched and moved up the beer chain. Her new beverage of choice is...drum roll please...

    Bud SELECT!!

    Yep...'tis true.

    There's hope for her yet!


  4. Lou and Becky...yeah, it made me laugh, too...which is why I posted it. Life's pretty poor if/when you can't laugh at yourself. "Leather helmets..." it is to laugh, in quite another way!

    Buck: Re: Bud Select. I knew that, but just in case she'd... you know... backslid or something like that. ;-)

  5. Bud Light doesn suck....but(sorry Buck) so do the Irish this year.

  6. damn typos....that last comment should be...BUD LIGHT DOES SUCK!




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