Friday, September 28, 2007

PM Update

It’s not a nice day here in P-Ville. It’s hot and windy… not exactly my favorite weather combination… but it does beat cold and windy, hands down. The wind means I have to keep my awning furled, which, in turn means the direct sun on the side of El Casa Móvil De Pennington ensures the AC runs nearly constantly. The wind also means it’s not a nice day for a ride, either. Miss Zukiko is gonna wait another day before she gets her exercise. Or two, perhaps, given the WX forecast is for “more of the same” tomorrow and tomorrow is Football Day…as well. Priorities, ya know.
Ah, but the laundry—that most odious of chores—is done for another month or so. I’ll never do laundry on a Friday afternoon again. The laundromat was crowded when I got there just after 1300 hrs, which is sorta unusual. I usually do laundry on a Tuesday or Wednesday and I usually have the whole place to myself or share it with one or two other people, at most. Not so today. But, Hey! It’s done, folded, and put away. And I’m none the worse for wear.
Well, almost. My ear is still sorta bent from the guy in the laundromat who insisted on lecturing me on the wonderfulness of California, how much he disliked this part of the world, and how he couldn’t wait to be home. So… leave, already! Get thee GONE! When I asked what he was doing in P-Ville he informed me he’s a musician and he just finished up a world tour. In a ten year old Chevy van parked right outside, I noticed. Interesting vehicle in which to tour the world…but I imagine it’s more economical than air fare. One can’t help but wonder how he managed to cross either ocean (or both) in his chosen mode of transportation.
Laundromats. You meet the most interesting people there.


  1. Hey, we found a GREAT laundromat up here! If you hit it before lunch, you nearly have the place to yourself. Well, you and a handful of very polite and quiet Navajo families. Never realized that public laundry duty could be so pleasant.

    Buck, you need to pick up some of that mylar bubble wrap insulation for your windows, I kid you not. Although we still refer to it as our 'meth lab window treatments' it DOES screen out the solar and cold in remarkable ways. Runs about 2$ a 4' wide linear foot at Lowe's but worth it. You'd have enough left over in a roll to also make those UV window screens for the Miata AND a nice cozy for the new 'zuki.

  2. Thanks for the tip on the mylar/bubble wrap. I'll definitely check that out! It sounds a little shaky for me, though. I need the view out of my window by the desk...cow girls, and all that. But it would definitely work in winter, though!

    Your laundromat sounds a LOT better than mine...

  3. New Mexicans used to hate the Texans, til the Californian's moved in. LOL! Just kidding, a NM joke. There is a guy who farms around here from Texas and is ALWAYS talking about how much he hates Floyd and how much better Texas it. Hubby told him one day to just go back there then. Actually, I haven't seen him around in a while...


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