Wednesday, September 19, 2007

EXCELLENT Plane Pr0n...

...but you might want to turn your sound down. The soundtrack ain't exactly everyone's cuppa. But the planes? Everyone will like those. That and the fact they are seriously blowing stuff up.

Note to SNs One and Two: I left the sound UP and kinda liked it, actually. I hope you were sitting down when you read this.
(h/t: Mrs. Greyhawk, posting at Mudville's Milblogs)


  1. I love those youtube videos.. The music fits. My son sends me video's like that for Navy SWCC, its just jumping out of the plane and fast boats shooting.. Music the same..LOL


  2. Great video! So many planes, so little time. But you need to make some time for some great pilots... GO NAVY!

  3. Shelly: I love the vids but usually watch them with the sound muted, if the soundtrack is hip-hop or something like it. I've turned into my FATHER. God Save Me...

    Sam: We're VERY ecumenical here at EIP, as a quick scroll down the blog will reveal. But we also tend to feature USAF plane pr0n predominately. Because, it is the AIR Force, ya know. You may be a member of the "Senior Service," but OLD ain't necessarily, or even usually, BEST. (Present company excepted, of course.)

  4. I've turned into my FATHER. God Save Me... LOL, Buck! (I totally understand, ahem)

    Can't leave without giving you one or two links, can I?
    I picked this up over at . (By the way, have you read his Anbar Awakening Parts I & II? SO inspiring.) One of the commenters left this link to a blog that David Kilcullen (one of Petraeus' top advisors) contributes to, Small Wars Journal. He recently wrote an article in which you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about the inner workings of tribal revolts. Includes Al Qaeda shenanigans as well.

  5. I picked this up over at
    Michael Totten's, sorry.

  6. WOW ... what a rush ... thanks, I needed that! It was like a condensed version of some of the stuff that has flown low overhead here since we arrived. Hey, got to see our second Osprey fly over ... that's one wild looking bird.

  7. Great links, as always, Bec. "Small Wars Journal" is one of the best resources out there, and I've been remiss in not mentioning those guys before. One could spend hours at that site.

    And did you turn into your Dad? Or your Mom? ;-)

    Lin: We're gonna be getting a squadron of Ospreys at Cannon, but they're still a few years out. I haven't seen one in real life, yet.

    And it's GOOD to see you posting again!


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