Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So. I’m late posting again today, as is getting to be somewhat “usual.” Or perhaps not. It matters not a whit, anyway. I’m under no compulsion, by law or otherwise…save my own internal demons… to post at all, right? But. There seemed to be a lot of “stuff” out there that captured my attention, not the least of which is a toe-to-toe intellectual exchange on the “dismal science” between Lex and a certain NYT columnist Lex had the temerity to take to task. Interesting, if not all that illuminating, it is. I say “not all that illuminating” because it is economics, and statistics (aiiieee!) divining/supporting economic theory, we’re talking about here. But I recommend you go read. It’s not everyday a leading economist…or an NYT columnist writing about economics… shows up on a blog to defend his scribblings.

Strangely enough, SN2 and I discussed, however briefly, the article Lex was on about during a phone conversation last evening. I told him I was tempted...but didn't... to (a) post the link to that article and (b) discuss the fact that MY income had dropped by approximately 70% during the referenced time frame, but only because I decided to retire. And you know the old story about retirement, Gentle Reader, don’t you? Retirement, as stated by wives too numerous to count, is “Twice as much husband, half as much money.” All too true, that. Even though I’m not married any longer, I recognize the wisdom in the thought. (The NYT article in question is here, if you’re interested).

Monday I posted a couple of pics and a link to Gerard’s photo-essay about Seattle’s HempFest. Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, just how much is this worth, Gentle Reader?

I can honestly and unequivocally state that Bob Marley Fest was a whole helluva lot better. Better music, better people, much less stupidity…by an order of magnitude or so. Forgive me if the vid offended your sensibilities, Gentle Reader. It offended mine, too. But then again, I think that might have been Gerard’s intent.

Today’s Pic: Exactly what the photo title sez: A collage of Plane Pr0n from the Air Force Armament Museum at Eglin AFB, Florida. There are many USAF museums out there; and Eglin has a very, very good one. I’d be hard pressed to name the “best” of these museums, assuming of course, one eliminates the Smithsonian’s complex of aerospace museums…which are multi-confessional, as opposed to USAF- or USN-specific, anyway.

November, 1999. (As always, click for larger.)

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  1. It takes me forever to read your posts, with going back and forth between articles and other posts, so I can understand why the tardiness... I dad read the post on Lex's site but didn't read the comments.. To intellectual for me..



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