Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Slow News Day

Well, it’s a slow news day, this being the end of August and all. I don’t give two hoots about today’s “top stories,” according to the NYT, the WaPo, and memeorandum. And the Clovis News-Journal, too. I don’t know about you, Gentle Reader, but I’ve heard enough about Alberto Gonzales to last me the rest of my natural life and several months into the after-life, as well. And yet another pol got busted in some men’s room somewhere. Spare me. This is news?

On the other hand…this is interesting: The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suites.” Not that I’ve bookmarked any of the websites or jotted down the reservation desk’s phone number for my next sojourn amongst the movers and shakers, or anything like that. I exaggerate not a whit when I tell you the price of the first house I bought was substantially less than the rack rate (howza ‘bout $52K per night?) at this flea bag. Your $52K buys you 24 hours in 17,000 square feet, because, after all, some of us just need our space. I’m sure it’s just perfect for you and your close circle of friends the next time you head out to Geneva

On the other, other hand, if the Presidential Suite at The President Wilson isn’t exactly your cuppa, you might want to try Glamping:

GLAMPING is a heady mix of glamour and the great outdoors, in which the freedom and challenge of going back to nature are tempered by home-making skills and the pleasures of domesticity. Glampers donate their roll mats to the boy scouts. For them, sheepskin rugs, leather pouffes, chilled champagne boxes, silk- and muslin-strewn gazebos, Egyptian-cotton sheets, blow-up sofas, double duvets – even tea-light chandeliers – are all part of the alfresco setup.

Or not.

Well, that’s the end of a long run (for me)… Acer buys Gateway to cramp Chinese plans for Lenovo.”

A Taiwanese computer maker has dealt a significant blow to China’s hopes of making Lenovo a flagship global PC brand.

Acer, Lenovo’s arch rival, has agreed to buy Gateway, the American computer maker, for about $710 million (£353 million).

The deal will catapult Acer above Lenovo to make it the world’s third-biggest PC manufacturer, give the Taiwanese company a significant presence in the United States for the first time and strengthen its position in Europe.

I’m pecking this post out on a Gateway computer, the fifth (and last) Gateway computer I’ve owned… the others were two laptops and two desktops, in a relationship that goes back to the early ‘90s. I’m not naïve enough to think my current computer is made out of largely American parts, assembled in America. Nope…more than likely this box and its internal parts originated somewhere in Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, or some other Asian Tiger. But the name on the front is American, and the profits generated from the sale of the box stayed at home. I’m running out of options here, what with Dell and HP being just about the only mainstream American PC makers assemblers left. (I’m excluding the boutique builders, obviously.)

More food for the “Buy a Mac next time” thought.

Today’s Pic: “Whaddaya mean ‘go outside and play?’ It’s RAINING!” I’ve posted another pic from this particular series before, specifically a close-up of SN3’s wild hair after a session of puddle-stomping with Mom and Dad during a summer shower. This is just another installment.

July, 1998. Perinton, NY.


  1. And yet another pol got busted in some men’s room somewhere. Spare me. This is news?

    It's only news because the Republican party decided way back when to align itself with the "moral majority" and then proceed to lord itself above everyone else.

    We "immoral" ones knew all along that it was a load of b.s.

    It's kinda sad -- not to mention embarrassing, as a nation, to be constantly consumed with who is doing what with whom, or who merely wants to do what with whom -- but it's also just a little bit fun to watch the bubble burst.

    (Although we should all probably run for cover lest we find ourselves soaked with the debris from that falling load of b.s.)

  2. And yet another pol got busted in some men’s room somewhere. Spare me. This is news?

    Only because it was a Republican. If it were a democrat, we wouldn't have heard a peep. The MSM isn't going to out one of its own, no matter what they do.

  3. It may be a slow news day over here, but over at my place I have some old news about the USAF's newest addition to its arsenal: Military Working Cats.

  4. Hypocrits come in all shapes, sizes and politcal parties as do immoral people.

    Last night while walking, we skirted around a large puddle. Toby said, "I bet GBN1 would be all in that puddle!" I love that about kids.

  5. Reading your comments on the sex-scandal aspect of this post really amused me. Seriously.

    There was a lot "in between the lines" in the bits that Lori quoted, first and foremost being that I'm really, really, really tired of sex-scandals, period. This is one area where I think the Europeans have it all over us, culture-wise. With certain exceptions: the Brits have a thriving interest in the peccadilloes of their politicians, much as we do.

    The French, OTOH, just shrug their shoulders when they become aware of a sex scandal. (Sarkozy won a hotly-contested presidential election despite his wife's well-publicized affair.) What would be a 50-point headline (metaphorically speaking) in the US tabloids evokes a simple "So? What?" reaction elsewhere. Which, to my particular way of thinking, is the way it SHOULD be. Don't we have better things to do than worry about who's boinking whom, where, and how often? I think we just might...

  6. I know you're tired of the sex scandals, Buck. I am, too. I was tired of them back in 1998 or so. I still can't believe we allowed Congress to drag the country through all that tabloid stuff. (Although I must say, if I smoked cigars, I might try ... oh, nevermind ... this might be viewed by youngsters, maybe by Kenneth Starr's grandkids.)

    I think this goes well with my point about the "moral majority," though. I got it in a email full of one-liners.

    If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

    : D

  7. Lori said: I know you're tired of the sex scandals, Buck. I am, too. I was tired of them back in 1998 or so.

    There are very, very few benefits to being a workaholic, but one of those few bennies is the fact one is totally oblivious...for better or worse...as to what's going on in the Greater World beyond the workplace. And that was the case for me, back in '98. (That and trying to save a doomed marriage, just a minor lil thing that was going on at the time.) So, I was largely oblivious to Big Dog, Monica, grand juries, Ken Starr, Vast Right Wing Conspiracies(TM) and so on, and so forth. Ignorance really IS bliss.

    Re: electrons vs. morons... Cute, but no cigar. (Sorry. Couldn't resist.) ;-)


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